Thursday, 8 January 2015

Review: Day of the Dead (1985) (January 2015)

Day of the Dead (1985)... "The dead have their day!"
Day of the Dead (1985) was the third installment in George A Romero's original "Dead" trilogy. Set in Florida, the living dead have over run the living again whilst army generals and survivors seek refuge in an underground, eerie bunker trying to figure out a way for survival.

This is the darkest and goriest zombie entry so far from Romero. The story is simple - humans vs humans vs zombies and science is trying to find a way! The characters are quite memorable with the likes of Captain Rhodes - Joesph Pilato, Bub (the friendly trained zombie) - Sherman Howard, Sarah and Doctor Frankenstein all at each others throats - literally. Tom Savini's gore effects are are very gruesome and graphic, but it's a lot of ghoulish fun! Originally-intended to be a much longer film until budget restraints became an issue, Romero delivers his last zombie film until Land of the Dead (2005) - twenty years later.

Day of the Dead was loosely remade by Steve Miner in Day of the Dead (2008). It has been released and re-released onto dvd and now blu-ray, thanks to Arrow Films.

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