Saturday, 3 January 2015

REVIEW: The G-String Horror: Demon Cut (2014) (January 2015)

You can't keep a good/bad demon down! The G-String Horror is back in the Demon Cut (2014). In all fairness, a lot of fans and critics have praised this new edit. I was a fan of the first and this version is amped up! The concept is now that the "ghosts" of the first film have now re-edited the original feature. It's very interesting in that way. Again, the film-makers have a great interest in the supernatural and it probably shows in both versions of G-String Horror. You will find some familiar music used in the series by Kevin Macleod for atmosphere and scares! The sharper sounds sound perfect in surround sound for jump-scares. It's edited, almost art-like with transitional footage and possessed sound effects. Warning: Contains nudity.

The film stars Debra Lamb and Natasha Talonz

Again, if you like Ghost Adventures - the tv show and the macabre, you should still enjoy this independent horror from Charles Webb. For the Original review - click, HERE. Please, order the dvd, HERE.

The G-String Horror (Demon Cut) (2014) - directed by Charles Webb.

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