Monday, 5 January 2015

Review: The Invisible Maniac (1990) (January 2015)

The Invisible Maniac (1990) is one of those late-80's sex/horror comedies. Beautiful women and cheerleaders, an outcast deviant and jocks! Yes, this film is set in high-school and the villain takes place in the form of Noel Peters - a nerdy physics professor with a voyeuristic dark background with a lust for vengeance on the school teenagers. He was a murderer who was once locked away for killing several colleagues and has now escaped with a mysterious serum which helps drive his rage and become the titular character of this campy b-movie movie from Rif Coogan (aka Adam Rifkin)!

This film has reached cult status with it's sexual comedy drive and horror situations. It's fan base is quite popular online with pin-ups such as actress Debra Lamb and the late Shannon Wilsey - who play high school lady victims of Noel Peters. The film is now OOP (out-of-print) and I read that the director has an interest in revisiting the film for a dvd-market release but the copyright holder has The Invisible Maniac in limbo... as far as I know?

The special-effects for this cult classic range from victims getting their clothes getting torn-off but the unseen force, whilst his voice-over is heard in comical form. How did I get to see this film? I saw a dvd-r copy which is from the original VHS, so I feel quite lucky in a way to hold such a cult classic in demand.

The women in this film are gorgeous but the situations seem so un-pc in these days. I know it's only a comedy and fantasy horror, but this film isn't for minors. Warning: Contains Nudity!

Shannon Wilsey makes a good likeable lead as the blonde girl-next-door type we see in these type of movies. It's just a shame that her life was cut short some time after this film. I enjoyed Debra Lamb in her small role - she indeed is a loveable lady herself, too and went on work on the independent horror film scene years later. Your beer-drinking buddies should get a laugh and enjoy this film. I think a lot of modern low-budget indie horrors tend to go for the feel of this cult, campy American production, blending the film genre elements.

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