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Samantha Wpg... Sassy, Sexy, Redhead & Cosplay MUA! (Interview) (Febuary 2015)

Introducing from Winnipeg, Canada, Miss Samantha Wpg - make-up/body artist, cosplay-fan, networker, you name it! Sam and myself met on line through social media in early 2013 and we were casting votes for model Ashley Salazer for Miss Playboy Social  - in which Salazer won. After that, myself and Wpg discovered that we both had a shared interest in horror, rock and zombies, hence over the years I got in contact with her friend Mel Heflin - an indie film actress and close friend of Samantha. Her website, and blog keeps her busy between visits to conventions to make-up horror fans and friends. She is a keen cosplay enthusiast and has dressed up as Mrs Claus and Elvira - Mistress of the Dark, too. She is also a Coffin Cutie. Also, Sam and her partner are massive Star Wars fans and loves to travel. Look out for Samantha in comic book form from Irondead Studios.

What has been your favourite cosplay/make-up you have done so far?
"It has to be Elvira - Mistress of the Dark! I have too many to list - I love them all!"

Name some of your favourite models to work with?
"I've worked with many amazing models, but the one person I enjoyed working with the most and dear friend is Mel Meflin. -"

How did you get involved with Irondead Studios?
"I did my networking magic and end up connecting with Iron Dead Studio. I had a great time getting to do a number of projects as different characters from the ideas of the studio. I have a 12 month calender coming out from Iron Dead Studio to be available for sale very soon through my own personal website web store"

These links below show you the amazing artwork done by Dennis Willman

How did you get into body painting?
"It all started with being an natural artist working with different mediums example airbrushing and other fun artist expressive ideas eveolved to working on people from when I was in junior high. Then upgrade to living breathing 4D canvas. I Worked on my friends & family, then got invited doing kid's partys and volunteering at events on Canada day and charity events in my local community."

Did you enjoy your time in London, England?
"It was blast! I had the best time seeing all the sites and going to all the different tourist sites. I will be going back again in near future!"

How many tattoos do you have?

Any plans to go into the film business with your make-up skills?
"I have been talking about going into the movie industry. I'm just looking at the right studio to work with me on a freelance level. I am open to who ever who is up for a new project. I will work with them just connect me on my website."

Who are your favourite Superheroes?
"I love anything to do with comic books!"

What are your favourite bands?
"I have a lot of favourite bands. I have too many to list but I do like The Misfits and Rob Zombie."

What are your favourite Horror Movies?
"I love horror Movies so I don't have a favourite. I pretty much love all the different movies out there in industry, depends on my mood. I love the industry and everything it has to offer!"

How can models and Industry people get in touch with you?

Winnipeg Top Professional Body Painting Visual Eye Candy:

"Thanks Mr Shelton for having me on your blog... yours truly, Samantha Wpg."

Thank you, Samantha Wpg, I wish you all the best on your body art and modelling.

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