Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Bad Moon Production... On the Rise!! (March 2015)

On Sunday, 8th of March, 2015, myself and Guntis Brazma (for whom I met on Wasteland [2015]) were invited to London to film a bar scene in upcoming campy, horror, Indie Film: Bad Moon aka Bad Moon Rising. We were an hour late due to the underground being slightly delayed, but we got there to the set to help film a bar scene. In the bar the Scream Team (played by Dani Thompson, Angela Holmes and Loren Peta) as they were stalked and chatted up werewolf cult members out for a howling good time! The guys had to grow their stubble and beards especially for the scene!

It was a great experience to see and walk in on certain risky scenes whilst people tried to keep straight faces through all the tongue-in-cheek, campy horror/comedy action. I got a hug and a wave from Thompson, which was mega awesome and spent a few minutes talking to Holmes and her telling me that her next hair style would have streaks of red - she has a very cool, yet trendy style in her roles - hence wearing a blonde wig for her scenes in the film.

Afterwards, Brazma and myself went for a walk through London, across busy roads to see the sights and London Bridge... as well as a few pubs and wait around for bus couches. 

I am also an associate producer on Bad Moon. The film is directed by Alasdair MacKay. Thompson is also the Producer and she knew what she wanted behind-the-scenes.

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