Friday, 20 March 2015

Review: The Haunting of Baylock Residence (2014) (March 2015)

In the style of The Haunting (1963) by Robert Wise, comes The Haunting of Baylock Residence (2014). The film is shot in old-style black and white, which kept companies from picking it up for an official release I was told by director Anothny M Winson - from Nottingham. I enjoyed this film: the old haunted house-style and it's great locations and settings! It wasn't blood and gore, just old fashioned story-telling for a late night viewing!

The story takes place when Patricia Woodhouse (played by Stacey Devonport) obtains a letter informing her that her sister has passed away! Upon request, Woodhouse must visit her sister's home where ghostly going-ons are lurking inside of the old house.

The film was nominated for best horror film at the Macabre Faire Film Festival. If you like the old-school horror of the 60's, then this might be the type of film for you! Great camera angles showing dark-shadowed corridors, classic-looking actors and a build-up to some classic ghostly going ons!

The black & white feel actually covers up a lot of low budget costs giving it a classic feel. It's also a drama so performances can be appreciated. I also believe that any film-maker, starting out or even along the line could appreciate what Winson of Mr Stitch Films is doing in this old, forgotten, haunted style! This is a 70-minute ambitious feature - a step-up from Winson's horror shorts on Youtube.

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