Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Attack on Titan: Mania is Coming! (May 2015)

I'm a bit late to Attack on Titan and the craze in anime, but I really want to see the new feature coming this summer from Toho Studios. Jonathan Tabreham was the one who told me about the series and up-coming film after his recent trip to Japan in 2014. From what I know, giant Colossal Titan creatures are attacking Japan in the future and devouring their pray as a band of survivors take action to try and the defeat the over-sized, skinless human giants! The Titans even fight each other in Japanese madness! That's what I understand anyway and the film adaptation is due to hit the BIG screen this summer in the east and in Australia. Madman Entertainment will release the film in Australia.

The cartoon/anime is ultra-violent and contains adult themes from what I have seen. There is merchandise and mania creeping into our culture - and I love it! I found a TITAN cartoon poster stand in HMV, see photo above and the animation is on UK dvd in various volumes. I'm sure there are toys and games out there, but I know that TITAN has taken Japan by storm! Please, check out Jon T's write up - HERE and the Interview below when I caught him late in 2014 at Broadway Cinema, Nottingham. The AOT film will be in two epic parts.

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