Tuesday, 19 May 2015

CD Review: "Sol Invictus" by Faith No More (May 2015)

Faith No More's new Album, "Sol Invictus".
The hype is real. After 18 long years, Faith No More are back with a new album called "Sol Invictus" (2015). The band reformed in early 2009 for touring and gigs. Mike Patton, Roddy Bottum, Billy Gould, Mike Bordin and Jon Hudson had put a lot to a side and made up to tour the globe, again post the 1998 break-up. The last album: "Album of the Year" in 1997 received quite a bit of acclaim and the band just went their own ways with side projects and other bands and notification. FNM had down-played rumours of reforming over the years and same went for making new music together... so, on to the new album released this week:

"Sol Invictus" the album runs just under 40 minutes and is ten-tracks long. At times, it sounds like classic FNM and even Mr Bungle (see the ever changing vocal-style on "Rise of the Fall"). Roddy uses keyboard and piano sounds to good use and melody (missing from "King for a Day..." [1995]) and the anthems are back in brave tracks like Motherf*cker! - which was released as a single along with Superhero. Very catchy tunes, indeed and watch out for Matador. Patton's vocal changes and chants and howls are on top form and have matured over the years.

My only gripe with the new album, is that I wished it was a longer playing cd like 1992's "Angel Dust" record. The album's sound and producing is pretty fresh and it seems as though those FNM boys are having fun again and loving this new success in the 21st century. FNM are due to play the Download Festival for the second time this summer... go catch them before they disappear again. It's always an honour to catch the group live in their many incarnations with side-projects and collaborations.

Faith No More - "Sol Invictus"
Sol Invictus
Sunny Side Up
Separation Anxiety
Cone of Shame
Rise of the Fall
Black Friday
From the Dead

FNM are back... more balanced than ever!

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