Wednesday, 13 May 2015

RIP Debra Mayer: (1969 - 2015) (May 2015)

It's a sad day, there is a rumor of the passing of Full Moon Entertainment actresses passing. She played in Blood Dolls (1999), Voodoo Academy (2002) and other films. 

Director Charles Band posted the following on Facebook: "I am so saddened by the news of Debra Mayer passing away. She was a very talented actress and extremely devoted to her craft. Debra was in several Full Moon films and I have many fond memories of her excellent work in Dr. Moreau’s House of Pain and especially Blood Dolls. She was extremely devoted to her career and left behind an impressive body of work that many admire, and I only hope she is able to somehow observe the outpouring of love and affection for the films she was in and the characters she played by the many fans who followed her. May she truly rest in peace.".

Another friend of hers, J.R. Bookwalter also wrote on the social media site: "Stunned to hear about the sudden passing of Debra Mayer, who I first met during post-production on Full Moon's BLOOD DOLLS and would later co-star in two of the flicks I produced for them, STITCHES and HELL ASYLUM (as well as a cameo in GROOM LAKE). Very sweet gal who wound up being an occasional Target buddy (she shopped at the same store near my apartment in North Hollywood, and we'd run into each other there often). Another one taken from us far too soon. RIP Debra Mayer".

A very sad day for horror and Scream Queen fans, RIP: Debra Mayer... x Thanks, Shawn Goremonger for the update and information on this update. There has been very little information on the internet about her passing, but may she truly rest in peace... Horror Angel.

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