Friday, 29 May 2015

Tonka's Super Naturals: 80's Nostalgia! (May 2015)

In the 80's, Toys were all the rage for lucky children! Transformers, MASK, HE-MAN, etc. were all the rage! However, a little known toy-line were the Super Naturals - made by TONKA toys. These figures were NOT for the faint-hearted. Each figure had an hologram and this seemed the "in-thing" in the late eighties! There were Visionaries by Hasbro, but TONKA went that bit further! 

Super Naturals had your "good guys" and "bad guys" - the bad guys were down right creepy! There was a Holographic rotting skeleton-corpse baddie leader name Skull. The good guys were lead by Lionheart a knight whose front turned into, you guessed it... A Lion. Each side also had a sub group of small ghost figures: Ghostlings. The weapons of the smaller figures were Glow in the Dark!

There were vehicles for the Super Naturals and the daddy of all play-sets... "The Tomb of Doom" which was a pricey and very rare toy to find nowadays! There was also a very short-lived comic series.

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