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Interview: Kev Harte (Film-Maker) (June 2015)

Kev Harte - Film-maker & Family Man!
Film-maker Kev Harte of Abandon Hope Films makes short films. He is a busy parent and dedicates his time to his family and went to Teesside, University. His current project features Seize the Night's Emma Dark (See, HERE). His latest Indiegogo Project can be found, HERE. It is called: The Morning Star Preserves.

What can you tell us about your latest Project on Indiegogo?
The Morning Star Preserves its what i think of as a fantasy/horror. I wanted to approach this project differently than my previous films, and had to decide, what is the hook here? What will make this unique. So I just started thinking of images I wanted to shoot, an image of the factory in the script, The Assignments Room where the  decisions of the company get made etc. And it was the grand image of a room full of jars suspended from ceilings that I just couldn't shake. The story was really made and constructed from that sole image.

But , without giving too much of the it away, and if you know a thing or two, the title should give u an idea, I feel the film does have a unique approach and individual idea that, hopefully people can really get on board with. I want the flick to be exciting and , if there is such a thing these days, scary! Of course all of this take money and people. Previous, I was a one man band really,shooting and editing,lighting the whole lot, but doing all that its easy to get complacent and take your eye of the goal.It distracts you from directing your actors when they need it, as you get pre-occupied with what lens should be on the camera, is the lighting correct etc. So even though the amount we are asking for £5000 seems very little, I believe we can do it, and make sure all involved get paid for Their work. Its certainly not for me lol.

How did Emma Dark come on-board?
Pretty straight forward really.We have mutual friends in the indie world and I approached Emma about actresses, and right away she was like, what about me?? Which is what I wanted in the first place, but she is a lady with a lot of things going on, so one doesn't like to get in the way.Luckily enough, she let me get in the way ha. Since then, we have been in contact every day mostly, talking about movies or plans for advertising etc. A great actress to have on any project and a great person full stop really.

When did start your film-making journey?
I have always loved horror. Carpenter's Halloween (1978) blew my mind when i seen it as a kid, I know it shouldn't have lol, but ah well, and that set me off . Even though I am a fan of film in general horror is my preference. I started out toying around , making small things on a crappy little digital camera, and a few years ago I figured I should take it more serious. I went back into education, and actually finished this year. BA honours degree in Film and TV production . It was the toughest decision I have made to be honest, especially with a wife and two kids. But luckily enough I have a really supportive family and they have backed me all the way. Sometimes I felt like, balls to this , what am I doing here, when you are stood in the pissing rain on a film set showing people where the honey wagon is lol, but its all a learning curve to where i am know, essentially, the true beginning of my film making career, that hopefully I can continue with the support of the horror community.

And if you don't reach your funds? What next?
Well, I can't say it wont be disheartening, but these are the chances of crowd-funding. Anyone who goes into crowd-funding needs to be realistic, as I am, it will either make what you need or not. That's why I can't really afford to do the film for less. I am not willing to pay my actors or crew for less than they deserve, and I cant work with less than the project deserves. If we don't make it, the project will be put on hold until we can do it right. I am looking at other avenues of investment, but I believe with the right push we can make it. Between everyone involved, we all know over 500 people, if just those 500 pledged ten pounds, we would be laughing. At the minute, I'm smiling nervously! I hope to work with Emma Dark in the future.

Kev Harte hopes to work with friend, Emma Dark on his new project - please, donate!
Note: Miss Emma Dark would like to add: "I'm very pleased to be working with Kev on a film that both is highly original and and will undoubtedly have the highest quality of artistic direction."

Friday, 12 June 2015

RIP: Sir Christopher Lee (1922 - 2015 ) (June 2015)

A man of many roles: Christopher Lee
A very sad day in the acting and Horror community. Christopher "Frank Carandini" Lee better known as actor Christopher Lee has passed away - he was 93 years old. The Legendary London-born Legend was a well known face in Hammer Horror films alongside the likes of of other veterans Peter Cushing, Vincent Price and John Carradine. Lee would also be the man with the Golden Gun in the James Bond - 007 series and became later known to a newer generation of fans in the Star Wars-prequels and in the epic LOTR and The Hobbit film series - directed by Peter Jackson. Tim Burton also cast Lee in many small roles in his later films, too. Christopher Lee released a Heavy Metal album in the festive Christmas spirit.

Writing this now, I am in awe by his roles in the fantasy and horror genre - something he didn't want to be too type-cast for... but, what an amazing man with many faces to boot! I remember watching Gremlins 2 (1990) at the cinema and when I repeated watching the film on VHS and Sky Television I was like, "That's Christopher Lee as the mad scientist!". Growing up, I was aloud to stay up late on a Friday night, or my father would record the Christopher Lee/Peter Cushing hammer horror film and I loved Satanic Rites of Dracula (1973). It was a rare thing to watch these films before dvd and to try and catch these late night horrors on television! In 1996, I remember tuning into the old Sci-Fi channel for the 1996 Documentary series, "100 Years of Horror" - hosted by Christopher Lee, during the early hours of the morning.

Rip, Sir Christopher Lee (1922 - 2015)

Another amazing feat by Lee, is that he served time in the wars. Serving for his country and Kingdom. A versatile, recognisable actor who stood over 6 foot tall and made the Guinness Book of Records. And who could forget his co-stars like fellow BritPeter Cushing (1913 - 1994)? Seeing both Lee and Cushing in an issue of the Radio Times in 1994 where men were interviewed was an iconic moment in print!

Growing I had obtained second hand horror books featuring the Icon and seeing a world of terror in film whilst hunting down classic movies from the 60's and 70's... Amazing! I still have those books! I guess my father had started something by introducing me to classic Hammer Horror and the likes of Lee, Cushing and Price!

A true Brit, noble, talented and handsome in roles! When Hollywood called, he filled shoes, he served and became Sir Christopher Lee... he was close to immortal - RIP Mr Lee. May your Legacy live on for Generations to come... there was ONLY one!! Thoughts and prayers goes towards his family and Loved Ones.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Interview: The Evil Twins and their Vampire Horror Short Film! (June 2015)

The Evil Twins: Missy Poison (left) & Luna Wolf.
You've heard of the tWISTED tWINS! Now, behold, Women in Horror: The Evil Twins - Luna Wolf & Missy Poison. They have been in photography for a decade each and are making a Vampire horror film: Please see their Indiegogo, HERE - Vampire Coven! Visit their website, HERE. I think it's safe to say that these "EVIL TWINS" are definitely BIG horror fans of the genre! Missy is also raising for Cancer Research, HERE.

Please, Introduce yourselves...
LW: Hi, I'm Luna Wolf, I've been a Photographer for more than 10 years, I moved into Modelling when I moved to London where I met my evil accomplice Priscilla. Together we create truly gory imagery inspired by our favorite horror movies. I have also stepped behind and in front the camera to film some really great film projects. 

What can you tell me about your upcoming Vampire Indie film?
LW: Priscilla and I have teamed up with Phantom Studios to film a vampire horror short. I have written the script myself and I will be heading up the production from start to finish. I will be hiring professionals in the business to help us with this project. We have the indiegogo for this to help me with the costs for the travel for cast and crew. The film itself will be based on Priscilla's vampire character and the whole film will be based around her vampire coven and her love for a certain game. I cannot tell you any more than this though you will have to wait and see.

What influenced you to make a short horror feature?
LW: I have always been into film making from a very young age and I have produced some creepy mock-umentaries based on tv shows such as most haunted. I love anything horror and will help out on any project providing there is an original story. 

What are your favorite horror movies?
LW: My favorite horror movies include Interview with a Vampire, House on Haunted Hill, Pan's Labyrinth, REC and many more, I also cannot get enough of the TV program Penny Dreadful!

Who or what are your favorite horror characters?
LW: I love werewolves and vampires, but any strong female role I guess.

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