Friday, 12 June 2015

RIP: Sir Christopher Lee (1922 - 2015 ) (June 2015)

A man of many roles: Christopher Lee
A very sad day in the acting and Horror community. Christopher "Frank Carandini" Lee better known as actor Christopher Lee has passed away - he was 93 years old. The Legendary London-born Legend was a well known face in Hammer Horror films alongside the likes of of other veterans Peter Cushing, Vincent Price and John Carradine. Lee would also be the man with the Golden Gun in the James Bond - 007 series and became later known to a newer generation of fans in the Star Wars-prequels and in the epic LOTR and The Hobbit film series - directed by Peter Jackson. Tim Burton also cast Lee in many small roles in his later films, too. Christopher Lee released a Heavy Metal album in the festive Christmas spirit.

Writing this now, I am in awe by his roles in the fantasy and horror genre - something he didn't want to be too type-cast for... but, what an amazing man with many faces to boot! I remember watching Gremlins 2 (1990) at the cinema and when I repeated watching the film on VHS and Sky Television I was like, "That's Christopher Lee as the mad scientist!". Growing up, I was aloud to stay up late on a Friday night, or my father would record the Christopher Lee/Peter Cushing hammer horror film and I loved Satanic Rites of Dracula (1973). It was a rare thing to watch these films before dvd and to try and catch these late night horrors on television! In 1996, I remember tuning into the old Sci-Fi channel for the 1996 Documentary series, "100 Years of Horror" - hosted by Christopher Lee, during the early hours of the morning.

Rip, Sir Christopher Lee (1922 - 2015)

Another amazing feat by Lee, is that he served time in the wars. Serving for his country and Kingdom. A versatile, recognisable actor who stood over 6 foot tall and made the Guinness Book of Records. And who could forget his co-stars like fellow BritPeter Cushing (1913 - 1994)? Seeing both Lee and Cushing in an issue of the Radio Times in 1994 where men were interviewed was an iconic moment in print!

Growing I had obtained second hand horror books featuring the Icon and seeing a world of terror in film whilst hunting down classic movies from the 60's and 70's... Amazing! I still have those books! I guess my father had started something by introducing me to classic Hammer Horror and the likes of Lee, Cushing and Price!

A true Brit, noble, talented and handsome in roles! When Hollywood called, he filled shoes, he served and became Sir Christopher Lee... he was close to immortal - RIP Mr Lee. May your Legacy live on for Generations to come... there was ONLY one!! Thoughts and prayers goes towards his family and Loved Ones.

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