Monday, 20 July 2015

Godzilla/Pacific Rim-Cross Over? (July 2015)

Jaegers & The King of the Monsters!? Oh, My GODzilla!!

According to this source, HERE there is a LARGE KAIJU-SIZED RUMOUR that the King of the Monsters will side with Jaegers  to take on Kaiju Monsters in Hollywood! Exciting stuff for Monster Lovers, indeed! So, how would this play out? For a start, PR2 (due out 2017) would have to be a MONSTER success in the box-office. Godzilla 2 is due 2018 from the returning Gareth Edwards. Maybe a cross-over is inevitable with the two Box-Office Franchises, but only time will tell!?

The Kaiju craze has caught on and Warner Bros./Legendary do own the rights to the two Japanese-Kaiju-influenced films! WE are due a Universal/Legendary King Kong Prequel as well name Kong: SKULL ISLAND with further of rumors Kong meeting Godzilla, somewhere down the Hollywood Line! However, let's NOT get ahead of ourselves and wait (if can) over the next few years to see what STOMPING MONSTER ACTION comes our way?!

If Legendary were to bring in Godzilla to Pacific Rim, would they hint it at the PR2 finale? After the credits, etc.? It certainly is interesting for you Godzilla/Kaiju/Monster fans to see if this would happen or not? We may not even see this until after Godzilla 2 (2018) has been released... so, please just take this news on an even level! Let's see what 2016's Toho-Produced G movie brings, too, then wait for PR2.

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