Monday, 20 July 2015

Going to: Horror Con 2015 (July 2015)

Horror Con 2015 - Meeting Tom Savini & Co. in Sheffield.
Horror Con 2015 was a blast! Myself and my friend paid (literally) a visit to the Manga Adventure Centre in Sheffield on Saturday, 11th 2015 to see the event. Our first trip after walking around was the nice bar that the Main Hall had and we met Luna Wolf & Missy Poison aka The Evil Twins - who were signing at their own table. The twins were really good to us like most people at the event - they signed photos and posed for facebook/twitter pictures - couldn't fault the two ladies of horror!

The Evil Twins: Luna Wolf (Left) & Missy Poison.

Next we were looking around stalls and trying to find familiar faces, when we found Banjo (2015) director, Liam Regan & crew at the table near the bar (what luck!). I picked up a copy of the original Banjo short film (Review, HERE) for myself and my friend - got my Return to Nuke em High - Volume 1 dvd signed by Regan - Awesome stuff and just chatted for at least half an hour on and off and through-out the day with the director going to Fright Fest later in the year.

Sheffield's Liam Regan - director of Banjo (2015)

After looking round at more stores, I found Emma Dark (Seize The Night [2015]) & Merlyn Roberts - they were very sweet and we hung out for the most of the rest of the event that day. Whilst talking to Emma, somebody was waving over at the main signing area - we turned a round and saw Dani Thompson. What another pleasant surprise as I knew Thompson would be there, but the crowds for the major horror stars had gone down and it was a quiet moment for Dani. Dani invited me over to sit with her at her table whilst she signed a photo and we took photos. Emma joined us and was good enough to sign my copy of Malevolent Magazine featuring Emma Dark & The Evil Twins!

Dani Thompson - Actress/Model - Serial Kaller star.

Another highlight, was seeing the Q&A with Mr Tom Savini, himself. He spoke about Lon Chaney, the film industry and demonstrated his Sex Machine bull-whip in front of the live crowd on the floor - amazing, horrific stuff! The Q&As are a good thing, because the signing crowds went down drastically and Tom signed for me and my friend after the mini-events. After more wondering around, we finally found Space Monsters Magazine and store-owner Richard Gladman. I gave Richard a classic monster movie book as a thank you and the rest of the day I spent talking to Emma and Merlyn and friends. We also got to see the feature Banjo trailer in Liam Regan's Q&A for the film and asked a question or two.

All in all a great day, Ken Foree walked right passed me at the end of the day and my god, he is a tall man. Other guests there that weekend was Bill Moseley, Gunnar Hansen (who signed Merlyn's TCM poster), Caroline Munro and the place was just great!

Special shout outs to Amanda (Emma's friend) who also said hello in the Main Hall and Chelsey Burdon, and good luck on her film: Dead Bitch at FrightFest, too.

My signed Horror Goodies!!

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