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Interview: Dean Sills (Actor) (July 2015)

I have known Dean Sills for a few years now and we both had worked on Tom Wadlow's forthcoming Zombie Indie flick, Wasteland (2015) - coming soon, btw. He started his career in a different direction and was bitten luckily NOT by Zombies, but the acting bug in 2012! Before Dean started acting he worked as a professional painter and decorator for many years. He did two years at Barnsley College Painting and Decorating and was awarded the British Decorating Association Shield for Best Student. He then went on to achieve a Diploma in Interior Design. Mr Sills attends acting classes as well as looks after his family. He has appeared on the BBC as a supporting artist and has a growing IMDB to boot. Dean also made an uncredited appearance in Mr Holmes (2015). He is a writer for

Tears In the Dust? What can we expect from this ambitious Indie Feature?
You can expect to see a film that will help make a difference due to the fact it covers homelessness and how this can happen to anyone. When the director Steve Call wrote the story and we shot the teaser trailer it was just a small project which is now huge, it just grew and grew. We have had fantastic support for the film including Billy Pearce, Yorkshire Tea, Yorkshire Crisps, BBC Radio Sheffield and loads of newspapers, magazines and websites. It's not a horror flick but covers the horrors of homelessness. I play Trevor Wallis in the film and it's my favourite role so far. Trevor is a very successful salesman, he works for a medium software company but one day his life changes forever. The film takes my character on a very difficult journey, it goes from bad to worse with Trevor taking to drink to help him get through the dark times. We also have a superb cast working on this including Jessie Joan, Kuljit Singh and William Marshall. You can find out much more about Tears in the Dust on our Facebook page:

What was your experience like on the Zombie film, Wasteland (2015)?
Pretty good. I only did one day on the film playing a Zombie but it was so much fun plus I got to meet some really nice people including Mike Rhodes. I did enjoy working for the director Tom Wadlow and watching him work. I am thrilled to see the film is due for release on DVD in Sept and it's also cool that you worked on this film too, John.

What advice would you give to younger actors getting into the Industry?
Good question, can I just say I began acting in my 40's so this advice is for anyone and not just younger actors who want to get into the industry. You need to be really passionate and patient about this kind of work because you find yourself in and out of work all the time. You need to ask yourself how much you really want to do this and how much you’re willing to sacrifice for it. If you really want to be an actor, just go for it and follow your dream!

Would you like your children to go into acting?
It would be up to them but I would support them if they did. My daughter Rebecca has actually been working as an extra on Tears in the Dust in a couple of scenes plus she has been on a few shoots and enjoyed the experience. She also acted in your YouTube video 'Xmas Creep Tales' which was a fun shoot. My Son Daniel has no desire to act but you never know after all I never got the acting bug until I walked onto my first film set and a passion just grew inside me!

And finally, any plans to direct?
Not really but you never know what the future will hold. I have moved on from working as an actor to working as an actor, producer and writer so maybe in the future I will consider directing. I did direct the short segment 'Yule Be Dead' in your festive horror anthology YouTube video 'Xmas Creep Tales' which was really good to do. I feel in time it will be a road I go down but for now I just want to grow more as an actor. I only began in 2012 as an extra and now in 2015 I have three lead roles so you never know what's next for me!

Thanks John, it's been a pleasure talking to you.

Photo Copyright: Steve Call Productions - 2015.

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