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Interview: Richard Gladman (July 2015)

Publisher and Horror/Monster Movie Fan: Richard Gladman!
I heard and met Richard Gladman through a mutual love of old  Monster Movies and Godzilla. It's no surprise that he is in charge of Space Monsters Magazine (Please see, HERE for SMM Blogger Entry.) – a quarterly publication. He is also part of the  WynterCon management team and is producing a superhero movie called Girl Force starring Alex Reid, Dave Prowse, Emily Booth and his friends Dani Thompson and Francoise Pascal. He is also producer and creator of horror anthology television series Fragments of Fear. I had the pleasure of meeting him at Horror Con 2015 and here is his interview on all things cult, horror and old school monsters. Gladman is also a good friend of actress Caroline Munro

How did Space Monsters Magazine come about?
I’d always wanted to publish my own magazine; there were so many classic horror film mags on the market but nothing that really looked at old sci-fi TV and movies – so I thought I’d fill the gap in the market! We cover everything from Godzilla and giant monster movies to Space:1999, Doctor Who and other vintage television shows as well as having celebrity columnists like Dani Thompson, Emily Booth and Caroline Munro on board.

What can you tell us about Girl Force?
GirlForce was an idea for a movie that just sprang into my head whilst having lunch with Dani (Thompson). It occurred to me that superhero movies were becoming more and more dull, boring and pretentious – taking themselves way too seriously so I thought I’d bring the fun back into superhero films. The pitch is basically “Charlie’s Angels meets the Spice Girls meets Power Rangers”!

What can you tell us about Fragments of Fear?
Basically, Fragments of Fear is a horror anthology series based loosely on the concept of the old kids show Jackanory – the tales are all specially commissioned from new and established writers and are narrated by different actors including Caroline Munro, Judy Matheson, Guy Barnes, Craig Johnson, Francoise Pascal and Dani Thompson – I even narrate one of the stories myself! The first season of 13 half hour episodes (consisting of 26 stories) has almost completed filming.

How did you meet Caroline Munro?
Caroline and I first met purely by accident in a shop on Oxford Street in London more years ago than either of us would care to remember! The next couple of times were lucky coincidences also (again in London) but we didn’t become friends until we worked together at some horror and film events and had a chance to really talk. Caroline is seriously one of the nicest people I’ve ever met; very warm, kind, intelligent and funny but I think anyone who has met her will tell you that. We kind of bonded over my silver nail varnish and our mutual love of silver jewelry!

How did you come to meet Dani Thompson?
I met Dani initially online when I was asked to do some promo for the British slasher movie Serial Kaller. I did an interview with Dani via email which went up on the Rue Morgue website then we hooked up on Facebook, chatted a little, met very briefly at a British Horror Film Festival after party and then decided to have lunch to discuss potential projects. I was so impressed with Dani’s strong image, her striking beauty and her strong work ethic and we clicked pretty quickly. It was obvious to me right from the start that she would become a big star.

What are your favourite movie monsters?
I absolutely love Godzilla – but I think my favourite giant monster is Mothra, I mean, she’s the Earth’s guardian you know? I’m also obsessed by the B-movie monster The Incredible Melting Man. The movie’s not so great but the concept is so cool and yukky – and the make-up effects by Rik Baker rocked!

What was your first ever Godzilla film you watched?
I think it was King Kong vs Godzilla on TV when I was a little kid. There used to be quite a few of these films on local ITV stations on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons so I tried to watch as many as I could find. 

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