Sunday, 12 July 2015

Review: Banjo (2012) (Short) (July 2015)


WARNING - Contains Adult Themes: Liam Regan is a fan of Troma and exploitation movies. His 13 minute short, Banjo: Confessions of Peltzer (2012) tells the true life tale of Regan's bad sex experience - he snapped his "Banjo" string during intercourse! Peltzer (named after Gremlins [1984] character "Billy Peltzer") is an 18 year loser who can't make his girl happy in the bedroom until he gets his mojo back and well... snaps his string!! Ouch!! That is the premise to Regan's short. It is riddled with black humor!

The short played Troma Dance Film Festival in 2013 - which must have been a dream for Liam. It received a good reaction and the film was made into a feature for Fright Fest (2015). The short also features Harmony Hex who was looking to get into horror and film at the time, and Liam had a role for her in this sex comedy! This 2012 version is also shot like an old 90's Channel 4 indie film. This gives it, it's charm I find. A brave attempt by Regan as he dives into the Troma-esq market!

The limited dvd has an audio commentary, an intro, behind the scenes, deleted footage and a promo teaser! Try it, if you like left field dark comedy! WARNING: Crude humor!

Meeting Liam Regan @ Horror Con - July, 2015.

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