Saturday, 1 August 2015

Review: Things That Go Bump in the Night!! (2015) (August 2015)

The Evil Twins first Mini Horror Movie

This is a mini horror movie by Luna Wolf and Missy P. It premiered last night on line and is a found footage short. The Evil Twins dare one another to play the old urban legend "Bloody Mary" in a hotel room whilst away from home. Naturally, things take a turn for the worst in a slow build up of false scares and girls giggling on the bed. Never one to turn down a challenge, miss Wolf takes the urban legend challenge thus consequences will happen like in all horror movies!

It was Luna that edited Things that go Bump.. and I enjoyed the build up and the scare! The short runs just over 8 minutes and isn't dragged out! It's all good fun with the Evil Twins. Best to watch with the lights turned out - well done, ladies!! Please, visit:

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