Wednesday, 9 September 2015

A Few Updates with MrSheltonTV (September 2015)

MrSheltonTV @ Broadway Cinema, Nottingham - 2015.

I've just turned 36 years old and planning on help make Terror Tales of the Crimson Creeper. The Indiegogo is due to go live in October - Halloween Month! It will feature five horror shorts from talented film makers across the internet. There will be a wrap around too, featuring The Crimson Creeper! The end result is to get the Horror Anthology onto dvd and into festivals. Stay Tuned!!

Speaking of October, The Walking Dead is back on our TV screens - please see my collection above! Also, for my birthday this past week - I received a talking Evil Krusty the Klown doll (see video, above!) from Safensecure1 from Youtube - for whom I am meeting at Hull Horror Festival next month! Exciting times and I cannot wait for the Halloween season to start... BOO!!

Terror Tales of The Crimson Creeper - Coming Soon!!

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