Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Pacific Rim 2 Delayed? King Kong vs Godzilla? (September 2015)

The return of Kong and Godzilla in a new Hollywood film?

The internet has gone crazy, again! First the bad news for loyal Kaiju fans - Pacific Rim 2 Maelstrom is delayed and was due to shoot November, 2015 and released in August, 2017. The monster/robot action film has been put on HOLD! It maybe due to poor box office sales and over-budgeting.

With that being said, Twitter blew up this week with a possible King Kong vs Godzilla modern day Hollywood adaptation. The film would probably happen way after Kong: Skull Island  and Godzilla 2 (2018). Fans went wild with both mixed reactions due to the original size of King Kong compared to Godzilla!

Pacific Rim 2 - Delayed due to poor box offices?

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