Tuesday, 13 October 2015

An R-Rated "Batman: The Killing Joke" Movie?? (October 2015)

Batman: Killing Joke - R rated??
It's very rare that I get upbeat about a superhero movie, due to them well, not really what I go for? I remember Batman: Killing Joke comic in the day and my artist friend, Simon Richardson had done some artwork as a tribute. I was a fan of Batman (1989) and this recently announced BKJ movie seems like the way to go - Please, see: HERE.

There is talk about an R rating, which suits me fine if Warner Bros. go ahead with an adult Batman film featuring the evil Joker villain. There's further controversy that BKJ is too violent thus an R rating might be too much for the WB Batman franchise to sell to younger audiences - shame - this is what I would wanna see, if done true to the dark comic!!

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