Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Clive McKenzie: The Black Tiger from Nottingham, UK (October 2015)

Clive McKenzie - The Black Tiger from Nottingham, UK.
I'm doing this article to help promote Kung Fu fanatic and actor: Clive Mckenzie. I have known him since way back since 1998. I had visited his place and he had shown me his edited and rare footage of his Martial Art skills in many short films! His shorts were fast-paced and some times comical it it's eastern influenced editing skills with titles like: Double Trouble (1996) & Project V: The Viper (1997) which starred himself and other local hard-kicking friends! He even used his family in crazy, but fun shorts like Kung Fu Kid (1999). Other titles Include, Tenko (2012), The Time Grid Fighter (2010) & Merry Kissmas (2010).

McKenzie even got featured in Martial Arts Illustrated magazine over the years and appeared as a guest on NOTTS TV in 2015. He lives with his girlfriend, Karate Debs and family - he also looks up to Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan!

During college, I even made a few unofficial sequels to Mr McKenzie's films. There was Double Trouble II (1998) (starring myself, John Shelton and friends as ninjas taking on the local hero) & Project V: The Viper II (1998). Some were just throw away sequels as Clive's movies were an hard act to follow on such a low budget, even though they were just that!! Also, during college - I got to shoot DTA with Clive and my friends!

Years later and in 2010, I even got to star in $how Me Da Money! (2010) with Clive and Debs - see, HERE.

A great guy is CM, a great dad and family man to his children. I feel that he needs more publicity to get him to where he wants to be at in filming and fighting skills (all though - he all ready has those, I feel, too).

Please, feel free to check out Clive's Youtube & Website!

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