Thursday, 22 October 2015

Godzilla vs Kong/Dino-Riders: The Movie - Coming Soon!! (October 2015)

Epic Monster Action coming in 2020 sees Godzilla vs Kong!! (Confirmed)
Yes, it's on... Godzilla vs Kong (2020) is coming in five years time according to Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures!! The cross-over monster match/mash of the century will see the two iconic creatures of mass destruction either team-up/vs or even both. This is all comes to light, taking place after Kong: Skull Island (2017) & the sequel of Godzilla 2 (2018). And what about the size of Kong, compared to Godzilla? Well, it is being dealt with by the Producers of the epic monster franchise in the west!! Please, see - HERE for KSI (2017) write-up and a mention of the size issue - concerned by DIE HARD fans!!

Dino-Riders Movie coming soon to the BIG screen!!
We haven't finished yet, monster/dinosaur fans!! Mattel (the classic 80's toy company) are said to be producing a Dino-Riders feature film, too! Wow, that would be amazing to see Jurassic-dinosaurs (with the hype of this Summer's Jurassic World [2015]) being controlled by humans in toll as good and evil do battle!! SOURCE: HERE.

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