Saturday, 17 October 2015

Kong: Skull Island (2017) Comes to Life!! (October 2015)

Kong: Skull Island is due in Cinemas March, 2017.
Production has officially begun in Hawaii for the epic film title of Kong: Skull Island! There have been photos of the new King Kong set featuring actor Samuel L Jackson and a 70's Vietnam War vibe with an army crew and old helicopter! The film also stars John Goodman (not pictured) and Tom Hiddleston (also not pictured) as a group of explorers venture to the island where they confront creatures and the famous title monster ape!

Remember that this is a prequel and that Monarch (a part of Godzilla [2014] - see review, HERE) will play a part in the script and story line in both monster films. For more further info - see, HERE. The below pictures came officially from the social media site, Twitter:

Kong: Skull Island is due out March 2017 from Legendary Pictures/Warner Bros. This film will lead to a Godzilla/King Kong cross over announced for 2020 - Stay Tuned!! NOTE: Kong will be much bigger than the original incarnation!!

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