Friday, 23 October 2015

REVIEW: Double Trouble (1996) & Double Trouble II (1998) (October 2015)

Old School College Movies - Action/Comedy!!
Double Trouble (1996) is an action short comedy starring Anthony Leigh Dawe & Clive McKenzie!! It is set in a small apartment and the action takes place on a small fire escape with Bo action. It is fast paced and very funny with influences of Jackie Chan-style comedy and action! The work print has faded over the years as it was shot on video. The end credits feature a lot of out takes like in many of Chan's films. It isn't heavily story driven, just good action/comedy fun!! 3/5. It is directed by both Dawe and McKenzie. Shot in Nottingham, UK. I had first seen the comedy short during a media class when a friend sat us all down to watch it in our spare time.

Double Trouble II (1998) is a sequel to Double Trouble (1996). This time, directed by John Shelton in a back garden!! Young Anthony Dawe is greeted by a young buck (Steven Chamberlain) warning him of the danger of Ninjas lurking about. Dawe goes for a stroll to be confronted by Chamberlain (now dressed as a ninja warrior) and other silent warriors (played by John Shelton).

Funny, throw-away sequel with plenty of laughs. The ending credits included outtakes and the Faith No More song: "Everything's Ruined" from the 1992 album, "Angel Dust". Shelton had edited the film in college in 1998. 2 & 1/2 out of 5.

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