Monday, 2 November 2015

The Walking Dead: Is Glenn Really Dead?? (November 2015)

It got us all talking! Last week was a SHOCKER on The Walking Dead... DO NO READ FURTHER if you haven't seen it, Thank You!! Glenn seems to die by being ripped a part by the dead!! It was a shocker and a downbeat moment in the popular zombie series (now into season 6). I personally don't think he is dead! I was taken back at first, like the rest of us, but please see the above video @ Trevschan2 on Youtube!!

Glenn fell into the vast of zombies with *** after *** shot himself... there, I believe it wasn't Glenn's blood and guts that we saw!! What do you think? We will find out soon as season 6 continues this week and beyond! Thanks for reading... enjoy The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead - Season 6, now on FOX UK.

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