Tuesday, 1 December 2015

A Gothic Poem for Christmas by MrSheltonTV (December 2015)

A Gothic Poem for Xmas by MrSheltonTV
The Dark Stare!! 

I walked alone, across the corridor, feeling nothing but ice cold floor.
Weeping walls of dusk, I walked on as I must.
To feel the cold air, outside, as I took one more stride.
Ahead, I went... clutching my coat, with a lump in my throat.

The darkness has come, to draw in the night.
I turned on the floor, looking for fright.
Nothing, black thick air, I did nothing but stare, into darkness and nothing more!

The sense of cold I felt, gripping my coat.
Seeing nothing more, but of forgotten law
The forgotten more through Nevermore!
The crows are weeping, the crows are sounding, the crows are sweeping!

As the snow lay, outside, the gothic children cry.
Branches on the winded trees, tap at the seams.
The House is empty, I was never there...
Nevermore will you have to face my ice glanced, Dark Stare... OF DEATH!

Poem by MrSheltonTV - All rights, Reserved, 2015.

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