Saturday, 5 December 2015

Beyond Terror Dvd: Spookies (1986) - Review!! (December 2015)

Spookies aka Twisted Souls (1986)
It's hard not to like Spookies (1986). It's a B-Movie horror, the film had production problems in the day, there are silly moments, but there is praise for the efforts! Twisted Souls was in Production, but finished as Spookies in 1986. There was trouble behind the scenes to get the film done with numerous directors and film-makers!! What we have is a nice looking indie horror film with good special efforts and a nice atmospheric music score, too!!

The story revolves around a young boy at first named Billy, who runs away from home to an old mansion and graveyard! There he meets an old man who runs a house full of creepy-looking monsters including Mud-Men, a werewolf assistant who pops up everywhere and even the Grim Reaper, himself!! Cue a bunch of mature-looking teenagers out to party for the night and you have: Spookies.

A bizarre horror flick and one that always gets bought up as a forgotten gem, too. If you look on facebook, you find a page dedicated to the film, HERE! According to the page, extra sound effects were added to the Mud-Men for comic effect, with unapproved film-maker approval! No wonder that there was tension on the set and behind the scenes - hence  the film orginal title was "Twisted Souls"! On a lighter note, it's still worth checking out on the Beyond Terror UK Dvd label.

"Twsited Souls" was directed by Brendan Faulkner and Thomas Doran whilst Spookies was directed by Eugenie Joseph. Joeseph came on board to finish the film and edit it.

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