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Interview: Greenie O'Shivers (Emerald Gore Society) (December 2015)

Who or What influenced the design for Greenie?
Greenie or Ervan, as his old given name is, came from an old Irish tale about a well-known local woman in Co.Clare called Bridget Ellen "Biddy" Early or Biddy Early as more commonly known. It was always pondered if she was a Wise Woman or a Witch. Stories of her I shall leave for people to look into or perhaps we will share them another day. But as to Greenie? Biddy was famous for having certain powers and gifts, some of these centered around a blue bottle she kept and treasured. There are many rumors around this bottle but Greenie himself seems to be the only one, well along with known story teller / Seanchaí Eddie Lenihan, that knows the truth. To that end the story goes that the green one was summoned to assist Biddy in her work in helping the people of county Clare with their troubles. His character is somewhat mischievous but funny and a little friendly. Somewhere between Beetlejuice & The Crypt Keeper.

What can you tell us about the website: Emerald Gore Society?
The Emerald Gore Society started out as kind of necessity. When Raven and I were talking one evening we were sharing old ghost stories and talking about Horror Movies. When I went to look up about Irish horror movies or movies based on Irish folklore and what not I discovered there was no Irish horror site? {Though a few have cropped up since} There were a few paranormal sites and folklore sites {Big shout out to Spooky Isles!}, but none specifically about Irish Horror or Horror in Ireland. From there as you can guess, we decided since there was none we should make one! From there the EGS was born!

Who helps you to run EGS and how long has it been running?
For the Day to Day running there is Greenie, Faceless Mike and Raven. Without all of whom the EGS simply would not be updated or edited. Then we have all our great writers and editors including iLL Will, Carter, Giz, Gorner Jon, Fang and Ann. Without all the work these guys voluntarily put in we simply would not exist. We all pitch in to do this because of our love of Horror, because it isn’t the money! LOL. If it were then we would be in the wrong game ;).

You've been offered roles as Greenie... can you tell us more?
Greenie has been approached on a few occasions to show up in the background of various horror films and shorts. Though I have not had much opportunity to take people up on it as much as I would like, recently I have been making a point of doing as many as I can. Actually while we are on the topic, I can share that there should be a short Christmas horror story due to go online on Christmas Eve that you might just spot a familiar little green face in.

And finally, who was your favorite being to Interview?
Oh I will need to get back to you on that one. Sadly due to work I personally have not had much time to interview people myself. That I am grateful that all the rest of the EGS family have picked up the slack on and have been doing a great job with. Though I can share that I will interview some of Horrors greatest legends at the upcoming ScreamVention Horror Convention in Dublin at the end of this upcoming February. So I will get back to you on that one. What I would like to know is who would like to be interviewed by this demented little imp?

Stay Spooky,

Greenie O Shivers
Imp of The Emerald Gore Society
Twitter: @GreenieEGS

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