Friday, 4 December 2015

Interview: Wanderlust (Trans-Model/Writer) (December 2015)

Model Wanderlust - Sci-fi/Cyberpunk fan!!
I first met Wanderlust through her friend Emma Dark in London in the Summer of 2015. There was enough supporters at Seize the Night and I'm glad that was there in Wanderlust, too! She is a lovely lady, a sci-fi/horror fan and was a former DJ at night. Model Mayhem profile: HERE.

Please, tell me a bit about yourself Wanderlust?
My name's Wanderlust. 100% legit and totally my birth name! ;). Wanderlust is a German word referring to a desire to travel and explore for the sake of travelling, and it's something I've always have. I especially love northern and eastern Europe, and I've spent a lot of time in Germany, but more on that later. I'm transgender (MtF), a model and occasional writer, and am very keen on gothic, industrial and cyberpunk fashion and lifestyle. I can be found dwelling around London and the home counties - wherever the shadows are long, and the ground encased in concrete and surrounded by tall, imposing buildings and abandoned factories - my natural habitat.

What are your favorite film genres and why?
I'm a big sci-fi fan. Not just any sci-fi, but of the grim, semi-realistic used-future style - films like Aliens, Blade Runner, Dark Star, Robocop. Cyberpunk is my stock-in-trade. It reflects my worldview - a fairly grim one of the world, focused on the underclass living in effect in cracks in the pavement of a world soaring high on it's own self-belief. but in denial of its rotting roots. Take Aliens, for example - the outwardly utopian Weyland-Yutani Corporation ('Building Better Worlds'), where apparently all the employees are prone to acts of manslaughter in the name of profit (The aliens being for me a nice metaphor - literally breeding on the bodies of hapless humans where the Corporation does figuratively). There's horror in there over and above the blood and the claustrophobia of that film, as well as the de-humanised man-trapped-in-machine blood-satire of Robocop.

Do you have any favorite genres of music and bands?
I certainly do! Until recently I was a DJ for gothic and industrial clubs in London and ran my own night in my hometown of Luton (which may explain my worldview), I love all things gothic and industrial - some of my favourite bands being Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, Joy Division, Depeche Mode, Curve and Nine Inch Nails. I'm also a huge 80s synthpop fan (Flock of Seagulls, Pet Shop Boys, Alphaville) and am hugely enjoying the retro-80s thing going on with bands like Perturbator, Power Glove and Le Cassette. Even Chvrches get a look in.

What are your Dreams for the Film/Model Industry?

Finally, how was your Seize the Night experience?

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