Thursday, 31 December 2015

The Last Revenant (Vampire Movie) (Funding) (December 2015)

Dani Thompson - co-star of Axe To Grind returns in: The Last Revenant!
The Last Revenant is a new Vampire movie from screen-writer Scott C. Sanford! Sanford had written Axe To Grind (2015) starring Scream Queens Debbie Rochon and Dani Thompson! Rochon and Thompson is set to return, too!

Further Details:

Dear Potential Investors:
As a follow up movie to our AXE TO GRIND, Seraph Productions is in development on an erotically charged female vampire project entitled THE LAST REVENANTS. Famed director Jim Wynorski is slated to direct this micro-budgeted horror drama that has worldwide distribution already in place.

Jim and I, along with my production partners, have painstakingly searched for the most incredibly sexy and talented actresses from Los Angeles and around the world to populate the cast of this project.

Following the formula used on AXE TO GRIND of cutting costs on locations and using an experienced film crew that has worked together multiple times, we will be able to complete filming and post production for less than $50,000. One sale to a cable TV outlet and dvd sale to Family Video would alone bring back most of the budget to the investors. Our distributor, with over thirty years' experience, will also be using their connections to sell to Video On Demand, streaming outlets around the country and websites such as Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart. With a proven track record of sales to foreign film buyers as well, we anticipate a small profit on this release within the span of 18-24 months.

To procure the balance of the needed production money, Seraph Productions is offering an exclusive investment opportunity. 

A $1,500 investment : 100% return on investment up to break even on the $ 1,500, then 100% of every dollar of profit at a rate of 3.3% based on a budget of $45,000. In addition to this ROI, each $ 1,500 investor would be entitled to free passage to one day of filming on set in Los Angeles, travel not included.

A $2,500 investment: same investment return above to break even based on 5.55% investment, and yielding 5.55 % of all profits plus free passage to on set filming of the entire shoot, and executive producer credit on IMDB and on film negative. In addition, you will be authorized to dine daily with cast and crew at our professionally catered lunch, and will be given free lodging to a hotel in close proximity to the set. If interested, this level of investment would also entitle you to a speaking cameo acting part.
All investment returns up to break even are calculated after the distributors' initial outlay has been returned, and profits will be based on the percentage negotiated with the distributor; typically 70/30 investor/distributor split.
There are only a limited number of slots available.

Please contact our production team at the craigslist link with any questions.
Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!
Sanford, Scott C.

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