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Interview: Alicia G - Singer & Model (January 2016)

Alicia G Interview: Model & Singer.
Miss Alicia G started out on Reality TV, and may be even because of it, she's decided to hit back with pop and hip-hop in a new musical career that seems to be expanding into 2016. She's a sweetheart as well from Buffalo, New York. Here is an interview with the blonde, bombshell singer who is sure to set heartbeats racing this year with her new career direction:

Alicia, what can you tell us about your new music and style?
"My music is a combination of hip-hop and rap. What I love about my music it's very meaningful and heartfelt to me, yet bold and still fun for all ages. I want my music to have a meaningful impact not only just on the young but also the old and give people a sense of guidance through my life experiences that I talk about in my songs.  "Everyone in this world deserves to be truly happy.-ALICIA G" One thing is for sure I have lived a crazy life and I have a lot to say and a lot to talk about!"

How did you get into music?
"Music has always been a part of my entire life. My grandfather playing the piano in a 12 piece orchestra and my father even supported his way threw college playing the drums in a band."

 "I got my start Years ago when I use to compete all across the country in national beauty pageants. I started competing in pageants since I was 11 months old which made me very comfortable in front of the camera. Besides competing in pageants I was attending private grade school. During that time I was also taking singing lessons and classical piano lessons. I originally started training in classical music singing opera at the age of 13, but as time went on I grew to enjoy and love Rap and Hip-Hop. I love rap the best because you can tell a story through your lyrics that can relate to everyday life. I was professionally trained in acting, modeling and dancing which included tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, hip pop and modern. I competed in gymnast and cheerleader which I loved dearly. Even though I was extremely busy I still was an honor roll student my entire life throughout school."

Any plans to go into acting?
"Absolutely!!! My huge goals in life are to pursue and expand my career in music and acting. My goal is to one day walk the red carpet being a star!  I was on and stared in reality TV shows, talk shows, indie films, music videos and musicals. So acting actually has always played a big role in my life. I would love to work more in feature films, television series or even more reality TV shows. Regardless tho, I want to be a successful role model and positive image to young people of today facing the every day challenges of life, social media and the obstacles they face between pure pressure and how the media influences them. I want to show people that whatever adversity comes up in their life there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Never give up on your dreams or abandon your family or your true friends. Always stay on your true purpose in life and be true to yourself this will bring you success and happiness."

Any favorite movies you like to watch?
"There are many good movies out there I can't just choose one, but I will say I do love the movie "Catch Me If You Can". I must say Leonardo DiCaprio is one of my all time favorite actors. He is a true inspiration for my acting career and the way he just captures the audience attention and truly lives the role is just amazing. I also do enjoy a lot of comedy movies as well because I love to laugh and smile."

What does 2016 hold for Alicia G?
"What I have next planned on my route to becoming a success is the releasing of my hit single "Pretty Girl" on January 12, 2016. The distribution is going to be threw Universal. There is going to be a national campaign and press releases along with FM radio Spins on all P1 stations (main stations) all over the US and overseas in over 52 Countries on all major FM radio stations where it will get charting on the Billboards! I am looking forward to be in a lot of blogs, magazines, radio interviews and podcast as well. Along with writing new songs, new music videos, shows and appearances and television opportunities that have recently came up. I am also in the process of writing a tell-all biography of my true life story. Which I am very excited about! "The Real Me - Alicia G"."

Listen to Alicia G on, Soundcloud.

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