Sunday, 3 January 2016

Interview: Bayden Redhsaw on "The Thin Man" (2016) (January 2016)

New artwork for a new Indie Horror: The Thin Man by Bayden Redshaw.
Bayden Redshaw and his brother, Dylan have been making films for a few years, now! Their horror legacy of The Thin Man: The Curse Is Here (2016) is looking like it's finally getting a distribution deal to being released this year. The boys are from Western, Australia and they are still in their late teens!

Are you excited about the new release of The Thin Man: The Curse is Here (2016)?
"I am more than excited, I'm all pumped up brother! Redshaw Pictures mania is gonna be running wild! I  can't wait, I've waited for this feature film to finally be released for 2 years now, we already made another feature film version back in 2014 but it wasn't what we wanted it to be, the first half of the film was rather decent but the second half was very poor and didn't have a lot too it. so we did countless rewrites of the film in a script... one of them I'd be very interested in making as a sequel... but we finally made a last second decision in mid 2015 to film an unscripted version with Myself, Jordan Stopforth and Dylan Redshaw... and it turned out being something amazing."

Why did you decide to redo the original feature? - Please See Previous, Interview!
"Because The Thin Man needed to be perfect for me, as perfect as it could've been with what resources I had. I knew I could've done better than the film that was made back in 2014 and we did it much better in 2015. We were really unhappy with the way the 2014 version turned out, we felt it didn't represent The character of The Thin Man well or the story of The Thin Man well"

What inspired The Thin Man feature?
"The short films we made actually, Ever since making the first short film for Halloween Creep Tales! I thought I had struck gold, it was an idea that I had come up within an hour one night in October and I wanted to make a short film on a brand new urban legend... but something different and something that does NOT involve mirrors like bloody mary and candy man. So we came up with the idea and we actually shot the first short film on that same night that we come up with it"

Finally, who is releasing your new film?
"Parade Deck Films, they are an independent film distribution company in Portland Oregon. I look forward to them releasing my debut feature, they seem very promising and have a lot of good connections! Hopefully, if things go well with this first release and if it does well... maybe I could make another good film and send it their way again! Who knows? I'm open to partnering with any label for a release of any of my films as long as they treat me right and things go well with the release."

Bayden Redshaw - Director and actor in TTM: The Curse Is Here (2016)

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