Monday, 25 January 2016

Review: The Final Girl - "Halloween VHS 80's Horror" - Short Film!! (January 2016)

The Final Girl - Horror with a Twist - Starring Jessica Messenger!!
Horror can come in all shapes and forms... The Final Girl (2015) is a 4 minute horror short directed by Liam Banks from last Halloween. The story is short and simple, a young lady (played by actress Jessica Messenger) is chased through the woods by axe killers... however, will she go down without a fight with this "twisted" ending? The film also stars Phil Martin as "Baghead" and John Miles as "Babyface".

A nicely film-graded short with tension and a ghoulish, green tint - influenced by 80's horror - with movie grain on top! Liam Banks was really using his head for this clever little outing and has many one-minute short horrors on his Youtube - Super Freak Media! The chemistry between actress Messenger and Banks seems a good one - as they both worked on My Sweet Valentine, too - See, HERE! Dark, twisted horror for a dark night! You should also check out Mr Creak, as well - It was featured on BBC3 Horror Short season: THE FEAR, See Below:


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