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Review: Godzilla Raids Again (1955) (January 2016)

Godzilla Raids Again... Watch out Osaka, Japan!!
The King of the Monsters returns in Godzilla Raids Again (1955). Two pilots land near Iwato Island whilst schooling for fish back in Japan, where they encounter two giant monsters fighting on land! After a brief battle, the two monsters fall into the sea where it is left to report the prehistoric findings to the homeland of Japan! It is later revealed that one of the monsters is Godzilla (Gigantis the Fire Monster - in the USA version!) - the other is known as Anguirus - a new spike-backed creature that had mutated from the dinosaur age!

Osaka is about to witness a prehistoric home-coming in the two monsters when they show up in Japan and on land, again some time later where fire flares from attack planes are used to try and distract Godzilla from the homeland! Will Osaka survive? Will the two beasts fight to the death? How will Japan stop a second Godzilla creature - thought to be killed at the conclusion of Gojira (1954)? Find out in GRA!

It seems a typical 50's B-Movie monster movie in the classic Godzilla Franchise! It might ring true for some entries following the 1954 metaphor for Anti-Nuclear Testing - a tough act to follow in any genre!! GRA aka Gigantis, the Fire-Monster! is a lot of fun, if not flawed in places for the typical cinema fan! This film introduces the BIG G's friend/early nemesis: Anguirus! He is an important part of the G History from Toho in my opinion,

This film was directed by Motoyoshi Oda, this time by in this rushed sequel to cash in on the original! Music by Masaru Satô.

Followed by: King Kong vs Godzilla (1962) - HERE!


  1. Good to see someone reviewing this film! Interesting that the introduction of Anguirus saw him as an opponent to Godzilla where later he (or a close relative) is his best mate.

    Please keep doing more Godzilla films dude!

  2. Thanks Sean!! Nice to hear from you, again!! :-)


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