Monday, 11 January 2016

Review: Love Me Tinder (2016) - Short Film! (January 2016)

Men Behaving Badly's Caroline Quentin stars in this short film from Sami Abusamra - Love Me Tinder. It is doing the festival circuit and will soon be released on Youtube/Vimeo. The main plot ensues when an older woman (Quentin) meets a younger man (Tom Lorcan) under awkward circumstances. It's a depressing one, but maybe quite real in it's approach to coming of age dramas that lead to empty rooms! There are flashbacks, too which structure the story. There is an ex girlfriend haunting the young man.

Quentin is charming, she is really into character where as Lorcan plays it straight. A few young love-hurt folks might be able to relate. There is a gloomy tone to the short, but nicely shot in quiet rooms fell with shadows and ambiance. I would give this short a 3 & 1/2 out of 5 stars! It was worth watching again and good luck to the circuit run! I had to feel for both lead roles in this quirky, little drama short! Very somber and heartfelt.

Caroline Quentin stars in "Love Me Tinder"


  1. this sounds really interesting, do you know if its online yet?

    1. It will be soon!! It's just doing the festival run at the moment!! :-)


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