Sunday, 17 January 2016

Review: Monsters in the Dark (January 2015)

Monsters in the Dark (2015) is a horror short made on only £50 and filmed within two nights. In the lead female role is actress Francesca Louise White as Karen and Nathaniel Francis as Daddy Bear. It was directed by Luke Mordue

The film opens with a former boyfriend and girlfriend couple who drive passed the woods and see something strange which leads to even more stranger going on. Mummy and  Daddy Bear watching! In the tradition of films like The Strangers (2008), we have masked killers on the loose!

The film also opens with some cool Depeche Mode-sounding music, that what I thought it was sounding like, anyway! It opened the film into the darkness and at night when MITD was filmed in the two late night evenings. Francesca Louise White seems to be the voice of reason in this horror "don't step out the car! Let's get out of here" she warns her ex-boyfriend. There are images in this film that show the audience the tension where the actors don't see the killers! This used to build the tension and I have a feeling that filming at night was extra creepy, given the type of film. Some nice tension-building! I would say that humans are the real monsters and poor Francesca finds this out as horror leading lady in "Monsters".

It certainly isn't a bad effort of a short. Given the budget and few nights shooting, it looked a lot of fun! It is creepy and stays faithful to horror! A great female victim lead in Francesca - creepy performances by Mummy and Daddy Bear, too. Nice ambient sounding horror score that sets the mood perfect for you to turn down the lights! "If you go down into the woods, today...".

Note: Nathaniel Francis was also in The Confusion of Tongues - see, HERE.

"Monsters in the Dark"... Starring Francesca Louise White!

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