Saturday, 2 January 2016

Review: Red Dahlia (Short Film) (January 2016)

Synopsis: "One night Katie, a psychology student, starts having frightening episodes of sleep paralysis. Through her nightmares, she starts remembering something obscure about her past. Something that's determined to become her reality!".

Red Dahlia (2015) is a Psychological Horror/Thriller that runs at 16 minutes. A young uni student, Katie (Luna Wolf) is troubled with connections to her past. One night, after leaving her own birthday gathering - her nightmares come back to haunt her! Is it real? Is it not? She approaches one of her teacher to get answers...

The short film looked a lot of fun to shoot using student locations and unnerving editing with eerie sound effects! The children's point of view in flash backs make it even more chilling! There is a connection to the the lead actresses past in all the weird flashbacks and awaking nightmares going off! The whole thing is quite disturbing when the mystery unravels towards the end!

A good, solid effort, student film with some brave visuals covered for the low budget. It seemed like a project that really wants to go somewhere and I hope it does. See Trailer, Above.

Directed & Story by Ilaria Ferrandino
Written by Ilaria Ferrandino & Jonathan Tuppen
DOP: Jonathan Tuppen
Produced & Sound Design by Hanna Aarrestad
Set Design, Costume & Make-up by Inisa Aga
Edited by Jonathan Tuppen, Ilaria Ferrandino & Inisa Aga


Luna Wolf
Oscar C Harvey
Lesley Harvey
Tancrède Chartier 
Maria Humm 
David Lye

Red Dahlia: Psychological Horror/Thriller.

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