Friday, 26 February 2016

Review: The Railway Carriage - Directed by Ross Adgar (February 2016)

The Railway Carriage... Directed by Ross Adgar.
This is a short starring Dean Sills and directed, written and produced by Ross Adgar. It is described as a psychological Horror set in the lonely world of John (played by Sills) aboard at abandon railway train and filmed in Yorkshire. There is an narrative through an old radio and ticking metro-dome which come in to play and tell this short horror tale... is it ground hog day? Why is John so tortured by his past? Is he going insane? Find out in The Railway Carriage.

I thought that the tension in this film worked with Dean Sills' performance as an actor. No blood or guts or major scares, but tension which recall classic film-making. It has a very M.R. James feel to it with some unease directed towards the lead character. Think "Whistle and I'll Come to You" sort of an old story telling way that you could have seen an the old BBC television station.

Interview: Katie Bonham (Women In Horror & Film) (February 2016)

Katie Bonham - writer, director and assistant director.
Katie Bonham is a new face on the scene, but no stranger to horror! Her short film, Mindless went to Glasgow Frightfest in 2016 - it stars Nicholas Vince from Hellraiser (1987) and Nightbreed (1990).

How do you feel about Women in Horror Month?

Women in Horror month is a great opportunity to support and showcase female creatives' work, as it highlights the issues of equality in the film industry. It is our responsibility to raise awareness and show that our contributions to film are above gender; instead, talent and integrity should be at the forefront of what we create. It is important that we join forces to promote women in horror in all departments - whether it be DOP's, directors, gaffers, etc, there are so many talented people filling these roles who need the opportunity and support from their peers in order to pursue a career in their chosen field. There are various prejudices permeating the industry and so I feel it's important we address inequality as the primary source of injustice.

Tell me about your first Horror Short?

Doll was my first short, shot over a single day in my hometown in Kent. We had a minimal cast and crew comprising of five in total; the script was only a few pages so I decided to keep it as low-key as possible. It was my introduction to filmmaking and centers around a little girl who likes to make voodoo dolls. I learnt so much from the process of creating this debut that it really sparked my passion for directing.

What is Mindless about?

Mindless is about a middle aged man, Peter (Nicholas Vince, Hellraiser, Nightbreed), who is suffering from a form of memory loss. He is visited daily by his home carer, Judy, who finds the house in complete disarray day after day. Judy, concerned for his health, questions Peter, who denies responsibility, blaming it on someone else. Is this Peter's cry for help or something more sinister?

Are you happy that Mindless went to Glasgow Frightfest?

Of course. Frightfest Glasgow was the festival I was aiming for and this will be the second year in a row that I have held a World Premiere here, so it's pretty awesome to be back. I have attended Frightfest for years now and it's always a great feeling to be sat in a crowd of friends and see your work on the big screen; although, it can also be pretty nerve wracking showcasing to such die-hard horror fans.

What does the future hold for Katie Bonham as a film-maker?
I have just completed writing a horror fantasy feature, which I plan to shoot this year in the UK and Norway.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Screen Queens/Camden Film Fair (February 2016)

Screen Queens @ The Roxy Bar & Screen.
Over Valentine's weekend - 2016, I got to take a trip to the Camden Film Fair which featured signing guests: Emily Booth (The Horror Channel), artist Graham Humphreys and actor Nicholas Ball. They were all super cool and Miss Booth signed me a copy of Space Monsters Magazine in which she had an article in during Issue Two. Humphreys also signed an A4 Replica of The Evil Dead poster for me, too.

Afterwards, it was onto Screen Queens hosted by Eileen Daly (X-Factor and Big Brother 2015) and friends. Eileen and her partner Ben played the stage, her films were shown, PoetryBurlesque and a Drag Queen also took to the stage. It was a great event despite having to leave early to meet others back in Camden. Daly knows how to throw a show and it a fabulous time was had by all. Raven Moon was also there to show her support and run the event. There was also a tribute to the late Richard Gladman aka Cyberschizoid.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Review: FOOTSOLDIER aka Survival Instinct (February 2016)

FOOTSOLDIER aka Survival Instinct - A Steve Lawson film
I got to catch Steve Lawson's FOOTSOLDIER aka Survival Instinct at Nottingham's Screen 22 this month and it is a 75 minute thriller set in the middle of nowhere feature. A young girl Stacey (Helen Crevel) and would be love interest Thom (Jay Sutherland) are driving into danger when a bad tempered hunter and his reluctant hunting son clash after a trip into the wilderness. A deer is shot and so was one of the innocent passers-by where things turn cat and mouse nasty for the lone survivor of the film. It includes a twist ending.

I thought this film was nicely shot in the Nottinghamshire wilderness and winding roads leading to nowhere. I enjoyed the performance by Crevel as a violin playing heroine who would also star in Lawson's Killersaurus. It was said to be influenced by films like Deliverance, in-which I can see the style unfold in the film about hunting human prey. There is some backstory there too in the father and son and with the lead actress. It is dark, and what humans can do to one another in desperate situations is more real than fantasy blood and gore.

I praise Lawson for his epic film journey from camcorders and some martial-art shorts. He keeps the tone on a dark level and uses a cast that were nice to meet in person. Glenn Salvage - a Lawson regular - also turns up as a voice actor - website.

Interview: Wendy Rose (Actress, Model, Singer, Poet) (February 2016)

Wendy Rose - Actress, Writer, Poet and Assistant Director!
Miss Wendy Rose is a busy woman in Horror and Film on the Indie Film scene. She is an actess, model, singer and writer. Her credits include Emma Dark's Seize the Night and holds issues close to her heart and you will read in this Interview with the lovely lady. Please check out her Facebook - HERE.

What was your role on Seize the Night?
I was set production assistant.

What else can you tell us about your filming projects and plans?
I was 1st AD and also played a character called DC Beth Miller. AJ Sigh is finishing the prep work on a project that I will most probably be crewing. I have a couple of acting projects in the pipeline, just waiting for confirmation on those.

Tell me about your Writing, Poetry and Singing talents?
I've recently discovered journaling, it's a fantastic tool for self awareness, and taking responsibility of your life and what you want to achieve. From this I have been much more creative, writing stories and poetry. I'm planning on making mini films to accompany the poetry. In my early 20s I was going through classical vocal training. Unfortunately I completely stopped singing about 7-8 years ago, but I have recently joined a local rock choir to ease myself back into it.

On personal note, you are recovering from ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? What has helped you through this condition?
Because I had it for 10 years as a child, I knew what was happening right away this time around, and had an idea of how to deal with it. What helped me personally was to reduce stress on both my body and mind. Change eating habits, I gave up sugar and processed foods, anything that wasn't good for the body. As about 80% of your immune system is in the gut, it seemed to make sense.

For me, learning about filming,and opening up creatively kind of gave me a break from my reality by shifting my focus. Also just being around creative positive people gave me so much support. I wouldn't say I am back to how I was before I was sick. I still have moments when I feel exhausted, or can't climb stairs etc. This is of little worry when I look at how far I have come.
I'm grateful to have a good quality of life back.

Any advice for other ME sufferers out there?
Accept where you are, be kind and gentle to yourself, and pace yourself. If you need a sulk day, then allow yourself to have one, then get up and fight the next day. Fill yourself with knowledge, learn about nutrition, what the immune and nervous systems actually do, meditation etc; anything, you will feel you have some control back. Reach out to other sufferers and groups, CFS Health on Facebook really got me through some tough times. Take each moment, each breath and each day at a time, it is those little things that will get you through. You can get through it.

Monday, 8 February 2016

RIP: Richard Gladman (aka Cyberschizoid) (February 2016)

Camden Film Fair - December 2015 with Richard Gladman.
Sad news: on 6th of February, 2016 - Cyberschizoid aka Richard Gladman passed away in hospital. I was lucky enough to meet Rich twice in 2015. For those that knew him in person and online have paid heart-felt tributes:

"As one of Richard's biggest Space Monsters fans, I think we should keep his incredible magazine alive, so if you haven't yet liked the page or checked out the magazine, please do so... I am still in shock by the news today..." - Antony D Lane.

"Richard is one of the most caring & encouraging individuals I have ever met. He dedicated his time to supporting & driving others & was always there supporting his friends both new & old. He will be very much missed though I am certain the difference he has made to other people's lives is infinite. To infinity & beyond Richard!" - Angela Holmes.

"A tireless campaigner for Horror and Sci-Fi, I always likened him to a young Forrest J Ackerman. I was lucky to have met him through my partner and we soon became friends, he was a guest at our first Bournemouth event, the Cinema Surgery Horror Spectacular and was a HUGE support during the time we had our shop, Dr Death's Cinema Surgery. When I was filming my Grindhouse trailer Hell House Room 666 he was one of the cast and really helped me make some screen magic, his presence alone was enough to make one believe anything is possible which makes his passing all the harder to bare. He will be remembered always..." - Gary Baxter.

"This is such a sad day, there is like an emptiness were Richard Gladman should be, he left us here far too young." - Eileen Daly.

"I'm sure Richard aka @cyberschizoid would have wanted this - for us all to remember this passionate, dedicated, horror fan and journalist RIP." - Emily Booth.

For my Interview with Richard, see - Here!

"Richard was a great friend and horror Journalist!"

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Stephen King's IT: The Lucky 7 - Where are they Now? (February 2016)

The young cast of the TV-movie called Stephen King's IT were an endearing bunch. Some critics have even said that the first half of the film was a classic coming-of-age. I am going to focus on the young cast and the where bouts of where they are now? 
  • Brandon Crane played young Ben acted to this date up until 2004 and is now in Music Theater.
  • Marlon Taylor who played the younger version of Mike would still act and was a Music Supervisor on Know Thy Enemy.
  • Emily Perkins would star as young Beverly Marsh is an ongoing actress in the Film Industry. She would star in Ginger Snaps (2000)
  • Jonathan Brandis was a child actor who sadly passed away in 2003 from a suicide - RIP.
  • Seth Green is now a well known comedian and voice actor on Family Guy and Robot Chicken.
  • The young Eddie was played by Adam Faraizl and can be now found on Myspace as a DJ: Here! He would also have an acting career for a few years and would a small part in Robocop 2 (1990).
  • Ben Heller would play young Stan Uris. IT would be his only acting role to date.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Interview: Jessica Messenger (Women In Horror & Film) (February 2016)

Actress and Producer, Jessica Messenger!
A rising face in Indie film and in horror is Jessica Messenger. This month is Women in Horror Month, so it felt real nice interview a local lady on the film scene. Having acted in shorts films like Rats, The Final Girl, Dead Bitch and the feature Wasteland, it was time for Miss Messenger to co-Produce the upcoming: Six Hot Chicks in a Warehouse, too.  The Kickstarter can be found - HERE.

How do you feel about Women in Horror Month?
I am delighted that we have a period of time where we recognize female talent that engulfs the whole horror industry. Especially over the last 10 years, more and more women are stepping forward to take on the role of writer, director, producer, DOP, sound etc, the list goes on. Women are not just the final girl or the bimbo that gets sliced in the first few minutes of film. They are the pioneers of great horror film making in all roles, i think that is what is worth celebrating. In the film and tv industry as a whole, we have plenty of issues as we've seen surfacing in the media, by women in the industry who just won't stand for it any longer. i think we are in a great time of change, the next 5 years are definitely going to see more of that. It all starts with having a voice, promoting great talent and sharing the joy of the job among'st peers who respect your work. The ball has been rolling for a while and it doesn't take long for it to snowball.

Tell me about Six Hot Chicks in a Warehouse?
Six Hot Chicks in a Warehouse or SHCIAW (as the cast/crew have come to name it) is a slice of grindhouse horror homage with a dash a British flavour to bring a Neon-Soaked Ultra-Violent Grindhouse movie to the genre fans. Its a mouthful but thats what this movie is. Its like an onion, you can just keep on peeling the layers back and find something new within it. The characters all have...character. There is a real element of drama, a very strong element of black comedy and of course grind house. Its death proof meets Mean girls. We follow lead character MIRA (Jessica Messenger) but really the story follows down and out photographer ADRIAN (Dan Palmer) too. The six hot chicks part, well, you'll just have to wait and see what thats all about, but there are so many cool scenes. The warehouse which is one of the main locations is being rigged into a 360 degree set, so that we can patronymically film fight sequences between characters. Basically dude, its going to kick ass!

What was your experience like on the Zombie-Drama, Wasteland?
Wasteland was an incredible experience for me. I had previous experience within feature films before but not to that degree. It was always sort of free-styled. Wasteland allowed me to get really in depth with a character, as you rightly said its a zombie-drama which may confuse genre fans, but it was a drama with  a splash of horror, not the other way around. I received the script like 3 days before shooting or something, they had to recast the role urgently. i went onto set not really knowing my character at all, which is entirely different to SHCIAW where I've had 4 years to get every single aspect of her nailed down. I loved playing Beth, she was complicated. Tommy Draper wrote incredibly complex characters, he's a fantastic writer and it really challenged me. I learned a shit load from that shoot, have a lot to thank it for. I also made great industry friends who i will cherish for life. 

Any plans to direct in the near future?
No definitely no "plans" and i say that loosely because I've found my self co-producing on SHCIAW which was NEVER on the cards for a long while. I was really focused on acting, i always wanted to
Jessica Messenger in Tom Wadlow's Wasteland (2015)
get that area of my career nailed down first, but I've become so embroiled in the foundations of SHCIAW that it only seemed natural that i helped Simon P Edwards (director) with co-producing. I am really enjoying it, but i won't be taking on another production job for a while. As for directing, I've always loved writing. Ive read books, wrote songs, scripts, stories etc since i can ever remember. The only way i ever dealt with anything was to write it down. Naturally when my life allows more time, i will definitely write a script and from there i will have to direct it. I just don't think i could allow someone else to shape my vision. Im very controlling of my creative process, i don't think i can hand those reins over. So, in a long winded way, i will direct. just not now, maybe 5 years or so. 

How did you get into acting in film?
I got into acting for film in an incredibly long winded way, once again. I clearly don't like doing things quickly or easily haha. I spent the better part of 18 years dancing. I trained, i worked hard, i loved it with everything i had. But i just wasn't creatively full. I got to 18 and realized, I was a tiny fish in a huge pond and quite frankly my skills didn't cut it at all. I knew i loved the arts, id studied performing arts, physical and musical theater, and I adored movies since i was a young teen, so i decided to go to uni and study film and television. A bit of leap i know. I had all sorts of challenges whilst studying, but it really was the making of where I've taken myself now. I put all my past experiences of being a performer and my love interest of film together and bam! I'm here and i love it so much. I found what I should be doing, it just took a while to get there.

Please, check out her website:
Her Official Facebook Page:
Her Official Twiiter:

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Music Video: "Death Rides A Bus" by The Heretic Order (February 2016)

Check it out guys... "Death Rides A Bus" by the heavy metal band The Heretic Order! It is directed Merlyn Roberts and Emma Dark. The album, All Hail the Order is out now on Amazon. WARNING: The video contains blood-letting and the occult... so, watch out for the dark side unless you are into that sort of thing. The riffs are fast and the editing is very MTV-like and the band/video reminds me of Mudvayne meets King Diamond in it's influence and style... it's got a gothic-tint to it all! Check it out!


Monday, 1 February 2016

Interview: Edward Harvey (Director & Film Composer) (February 2016)

Co-Director Edward Harvey: Sinister Nicky!!
Edward Harvey is an all-rounder: Director, Music Composer, Editor and Writer! He is co-directing a short, quirky horror called Sinister Nicky with his film partner, Steven Brown. The production company they run is called, Enigmatic Productions and a Indiegogo for SN can be found - HERE.

Tell me a bit about Sinister Nicky?
Sinister Nicky is a horror comedy about a middle-aged married couple, Bill and Helen who acquire a strange looking garden gnome as a house warming present. Once they welcome the gnome and give him his own little spot in their garden, strange goings-on begin to happen leading to tragic consequences.

What influenced Sinister Nicky?
Steven Brown, co-director and story writer came up with the idea when he was given the gnome we're using as Nicky by a friend as a present. Around the time after getting the gnome Steven's cat had been killing a lot of birds in the garden and it looked almost as if the gnome had done it. So that was that! There's a story right there. I then came along and wrote the screenplay bringing my own vision to the story and thought it could easily be a parody of an old slasher movie. In my head I was seeing John Carpenter's Halloween meets The Evil Dead but with a British influence too being a lover of comedy like The League of Gentlemen.

Tell me about your previous short films?
Our most successful short to date is Macho Dan, it won the 24 hour film challenge at Derby Film Festival in 2014. I produced, shot and edited that film and got friend and talented writer Luke Kondor to write and direct it. I think that one went down well because it's so bonkers and strangely relatable. Everyone has wanted to go nuts when they get dumped and why not do it Macho Man Randy Savage style. Another great short of ours is In Debt written and directed by 3rd member of Enigmatic Johann Chipol, I had the pleasure of being composer, sound designer & mixer on that it was pleasure to see Johann's great script come to life! A real dark tale of desperation exploring the lengths people will go to when they are broke. Our early work was more horror orientated so it's great to blend the two genres again. Our first ever film was The Guest why me and Steven Brown acted in, I played the antagonist a demon who randomly visits houses and wants nothing more to trap your soul in his bright red teapot, which is where our logo comes from.

What style of music influences you as a Musician as well as being a film-maker?
I'm heavily inspired by electronic music, most of my scores or the occasional song are very driven by synths. I'm a big fan of darkwave, like Gary Numan, The Cure, NIN but my biggest influence musically will always be David Bowie. He is the god of music to me! In terms of film music influences I love John Carpenter's music and I love to often try to be a director and composer like the great man. But I will not be composer on Sinister Nicky this time we have a talented guy Max Auton on board so I can't wait to put my vision across to him. Another really big influence on me is Angelo Badalamenti David Lynch's frequent composer, he mastered the art of created an incredibly weird and creepy sound that's both very cool, hip sounding but can turn incredibly emotive in a instance giving you goosebumps.
Sinister Nicky - "The Night He Came Gnome!"

Women In Horror Month... in London! (February 2016)

Women In Horror Month in February!
It's February so that means Women in Horror Month! Now, there's a few events going off around the world and in the UK. Let's start with Screen Queens in London on Saturday, 13th February. It is hosted by Eileen Daly and friends - this will include screenings of her new films: First Bite & Hollywood Betrayed - additional to that, there will be Entertainment, Drag-Queens and Burlesque:-

Also, in London on 23rd of February will be WIH7: United in Blood @ Whirled Cinema - celebrating women in front and behind the camera! Guest panelists include: Barbie Wilde, Nicholas Vince, Emma Dark, Katie Bonham and Jessica Messenger - who is also running a Kickstarter this month - Six Hot Chicks in a Warehouse - See, HERE!!

Show your support guys and girls... follow the links for further details, tickets and events!! For Screen Queen tickets, see - HERE! For WIH7 Tickets - see, HERE!

Don't forget, guys that miss Emily Booth will be signing at Camden Film Fair on February 13th, too! Ticket entry is only £3!!!

Emily Booth will be signing at Camden Film Fair - 13th Feb - 2016!

IN MEMORY: Carlos Dunn (Indie Film-maker) has Passed Away! (Rest In Peace) (September 2018)

Some sad news to report. The film community in the Indie Field are stunned to learn that Film-maker and Writer , Carlos Dunn has pass...