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Interview: Edward Harvey (Director & Film Composer) (February 2016)

Co-Director Edward Harvey: Sinister Nicky!!
Edward Harvey is an all-rounder: Director, Music Composer, Editor and Writer! He is co-directing a short, quirky horror called Sinister Nicky with his film partner, Steven Brown. The production company they run is called, Enigmatic Productions and a Indiegogo for SN can be found - HERE.

Tell me a bit about Sinister Nicky?
Sinister Nicky is a horror comedy about a middle-aged married couple, Bill and Helen who acquire a strange looking garden gnome as a house warming present. Once they welcome the gnome and give him his own little spot in their garden, strange goings-on begin to happen leading to tragic consequences.

What influenced Sinister Nicky?
Steven Brown, co-director and story writer came up with the idea when he was given the gnome we're using as Nicky by a friend as a present. Around the time after getting the gnome Steven's cat had been killing a lot of birds in the garden and it looked almost as if the gnome had done it. So that was that! There's a story right there. I then came along and wrote the screenplay bringing my own vision to the story and thought it could easily be a parody of an old slasher movie. In my head I was seeing John Carpenter's Halloween meets The Evil Dead but with a British influence too being a lover of comedy like The League of Gentlemen.

Tell me about your previous short films?
Our most successful short to date is Macho Dan, it won the 24 hour film challenge at Derby Film Festival in 2014. I produced, shot and edited that film and got friend and talented writer Luke Kondor to write and direct it. I think that one went down well because it's so bonkers and strangely relatable. Everyone has wanted to go nuts when they get dumped and why not do it Macho Man Randy Savage style. Another great short of ours is In Debt written and directed by 3rd member of Enigmatic Johann Chipol, I had the pleasure of being composer, sound designer & mixer on that it was pleasure to see Johann's great script come to life! A real dark tale of desperation exploring the lengths people will go to when they are broke. Our early work was more horror orientated so it's great to blend the two genres again. Our first ever film was The Guest why me and Steven Brown acted in, I played the antagonist a demon who randomly visits houses and wants nothing more to trap your soul in his bright red teapot, which is where our logo comes from.

What style of music influences you as a Musician as well as being a film-maker?
I'm heavily inspired by electronic music, most of my scores or the occasional song are very driven by synths. I'm a big fan of darkwave, like Gary Numan, The Cure, NIN but my biggest influence musically will always be David Bowie. He is the god of music to me! In terms of film music influences I love John Carpenter's music and I love to often try to be a director and composer like the great man. But I will not be composer on Sinister Nicky this time we have a talented guy Max Auton on board so I can't wait to put my vision across to him. Another really big influence on me is Angelo Badalamenti David Lynch's frequent composer, he mastered the art of created an incredibly weird and creepy sound that's both very cool, hip sounding but can turn incredibly emotive in a instance giving you goosebumps.
Sinister Nicky - "The Night He Came Gnome!"

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