Friday, 26 February 2016

Review: The Railway Carriage - Directed by Ross Adgar (February 2016)

The Railway Carriage... Directed by Ross Adgar.
This is a short starring Dean Sills and directed, written and produced by Ross Adgar. It is described as a psychological Horror set in the lonely world of John (played by Sills) aboard at abandon railway train and filmed in Yorkshire. There is an narrative through an old radio and ticking metro-dome which come in to play and tell this short horror tale... is it ground hog day? Why is John so tortured by his past? Is he going insane? Find out in The Railway Carriage.

I thought that the tension in this film worked with Dean Sills' performance as an actor. No blood or guts or major scares, but tension which recall classic film-making. It has a very M.R. James feel to it with some unease directed towards the lead character. Think "Whistle and I'll Come to You" sort of an old story telling way that you could have seen an the old BBC television station.

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