Friday, 12 February 2016

Review: FOOTSOLDIER aka Survival Instinct (February 2016)

FOOTSOLDIER aka Survival Instinct - A Steve Lawson film
I got to catch Steve Lawson's FOOTSOLDIER aka Survival Instinct at Nottingham's Screen 22 this month and it is a 75 minute thriller set in the middle of nowhere feature. A young girl Stacey (Helen Crevel) and would be love interest Thom (Jay Sutherland) are driving into danger when a bad tempered hunter and his reluctant hunting son clash after a trip into the wilderness. A deer is shot and so was one of the innocent passers-by where things turn cat and mouse nasty for the lone survivor of the film. It includes a twist ending.

I thought this film was nicely shot in the Nottinghamshire wilderness and winding roads leading to nowhere. I enjoyed the performance by Crevel as a violin playing heroine who would also star in Lawson's Killersaurus. It was said to be influenced by films like Deliverance, in-which I can see the style unfold in the film about hunting human prey. There is some backstory there too in the father and son and with the lead actress. It is dark, and what humans can do to one another in desperate situations is more real than fantasy blood and gore.

I praise Lawson for his epic film journey from camcorders and some martial-art shorts. He keeps the tone on a dark level and uses a cast that were nice to meet in person. Glenn Salvage - a Lawson regular - also turns up as a voice actor - website.

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