Monday, 8 February 2016

RIP: Richard Gladman (aka Cyberschizoid) (February 2016)

Camden Film Fair - December 2015 with Richard Gladman.
Sad news: on 6th of February, 2016 - Cyberschizoid aka Richard Gladman passed away in hospital. I was lucky enough to meet Rich twice in 2015. For those that knew him in person and online have paid heart-felt tributes:

"As one of Richard's biggest Space Monsters fans, I think we should keep his incredible magazine alive, so if you haven't yet liked the page or checked out the magazine, please do so... I am still in shock by the news today..." - Antony D Lane.

"Richard is one of the most caring & encouraging individuals I have ever met. He dedicated his time to supporting & driving others & was always there supporting his friends both new & old. He will be very much missed though I am certain the difference he has made to other people's lives is infinite. To infinity & beyond Richard!" - Angela Holmes.

"A tireless campaigner for Horror and Sci-Fi, I always likened him to a young Forrest J Ackerman. I was lucky to have met him through my partner and we soon became friends, he was a guest at our first Bournemouth event, the Cinema Surgery Horror Spectacular and was a HUGE support during the time we had our shop, Dr Death's Cinema Surgery. When I was filming my Grindhouse trailer Hell House Room 666 he was one of the cast and really helped me make some screen magic, his presence alone was enough to make one believe anything is possible which makes his passing all the harder to bare. He will be remembered always..." - Gary Baxter.

"This is such a sad day, there is like an emptiness were Richard Gladman should be, he left us here far too young." - Eileen Daly.

"I'm sure Richard aka @cyberschizoid would have wanted this - for us all to remember this passionate, dedicated, horror fan and journalist RIP." - Emily Booth.

For my Interview with Richard, see - Here!

"Richard was a great friend and horror Journalist!"

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