Thursday, 31 March 2016

Interview: Gary Baxter (Actor/ Director/Writer & Composer) (March 2016)

Gary Baxter: Actor, Director, Writer & Composer.
I met Gary Baxter at the Camden Film Fair and he does conventions, too. He is an actor, director, writer and composer. He did the music to Serial Kaller (2016) and is an all-round nice guy. I got to Interview him, please enjoy our talk:

Tell me about yourself Gary Baxter?
Hi John, as you know, I am Mr Gary S Baxter, I'm 39, nearly 40, a father to 3 wonderful kids, occasional guest liaison at various conventions up and down the UK and occasionally abroad, actor, screenwriter, director and composer. I've always had a love of movies, being exposed to many of the great horrors and other genre classics at an early age and taught myself to play keyboards at the age of 8. I've also been known to do a bit of singing...

You're a composer, too? What was it like to compose the music to Serial Kaller?
That was an experience and a half I can tell you! I was beset by tech issues left and right and various toing and froing between myself and Dan Brownlie regarding ideas meant it took longer than expected but on the whole I'm pleased with the results. It's not everyday you get to sit and watch big breasted girls running around being stalked and killed over and over again until your satisfied you've created the right atmospheric sound base! It's also a dream come true, as a musician and horror fan it's the ultimate to see your name in the credits of a slasher movie for score production!

What acting roles cane we expect to see you in?
I'm looking forward to appearing in an excellent short from Darren Perry, THE KEEPER. This little film will please fans of the classic Hammer and Amicus productions and also provides me the pleasure and honor of working with modern day genre legend, Laurence Harvey, who fans will remember from The Human Centipede 2 & 3 and The Editor (among others). I'm very excited to be playing The Devil in Luke David Morris's directorial debut, IN LEAGUE WITH THE DEVIL as well as taking the lead in another feature length debut, BREAKING KNUCKLES, from the very talented Ross Heath. One of the years other highlights is sure to be working with Richard Carter in his directorial debut SHOOTERS HILL, giving me the chance to get all gangster! Really looking forward to that opportunity! There's also a possible role in a WW2 set Web Series and I'm currently waiting to hear from Daniel Attrill to find out if I've got a part in his first feature, ALONE, fingers crossed for that! All in all, it's looking like things are moving in the right direction!

You worked on Avant-Macabre, just tell others how you were involved?
Ah yes, a great opportunity that! Basically you'd created a great little piece of experimental art-house style Horror short and wanted to add a little something to take it to another level. Luckily for me you got in touch asking for a piece of poetry to be read over the piece along with 2 other poems, obviously I was thrilled to be included and found the piece practically wrote itself. As an added bonus, my piece was read by none other than our mutual friend and all round top girl, future Scream Queen Emma Dark (Seize the Night). All in all you ended up with a real nice little piece of cinema, great idea well executed by a well chosen talented few!

What have been your favorite conventions to appear and work at?
Well, there have been so many! Also, I've worked in various capacities, sometimes as guest liaison as mentioned earlier, as stall holder and even as organizer and promoter. I'm really pleased that the UK has started to appreciate the Horror Convention as last year saw 2 first time events, the excellent Sheffield Horror Con weekender and the Bristol Horror Con, although smaller in size, was also well attended and looks to be even bigger this year. I'd have to say that my favorite so far is the Sheffield show as not only do my partner Jayne and I get to have a stall there but we're also involved in other ways, Jayne books the guests for the girls who run the show and I get to chair some of the Q & A's which helps me get a great insight into my heroes in Horror.

There you go John, thanks for that great interview matey.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Avant-Macabre (2016) - Poem Version (Short Film) (March 2016)

A MrSheltonTV Production presents Avant-Macabre (2016). It features poems read by the likes of Emma Dark, Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc and Dean Sills. It's a short, silent-ish horror for all macabre fans to enjoy! Gary Baxter, Van Scoyoc and myself John H Shelton wrote the poetry! John H Shelton took on directing, editing and Producing.

The film also stars John H Shelton and Steven Chamberlain.
Further Info: (re)SearchMyTrash - Review: HERE.

Poster Designed by: Steve Call Productions.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Review: Ganger (2016) - Directed by Liam Banks (March 2016)

Ganger (2016) - Directed by Liam Banks.
Things are about to get creepy in Liam Banks' Ganger (2016). This is a 4 minute short by director, Banks. It was shot in a day on a very low budget. Synopsis: "Hearing a strange noise, Helen heads to the attic, nothing could have prepared her for what she finds inside.". Starring Charlie Clarke, introducing George Miller.

Ganger features creepy green-lighting effects and sharp sound effects! It echoes some of his other eerie shorts like, The Final Girl. The creepy visuals give an unease-like feeling in claustrophobic hall-ways of the house in which it was shot. It features some nice creepy performances and displays family-like horror, but without a PG rating! The music was done by Edward Harvey - he also helps the tension. Nice and creepy, the tension is just like cutting thick air!

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Avant-Macabre (2016) (Short Silent Film) is entered into a Noir Festival (March 2016)

Avant-Macabre (2016) is a short Silent-Horror film directed by John H Shelton. It runs for 5 minutes and has been entered into: Just Before Midnight Noir Film Festival. Special thanks: Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc for the idea and inspiration of the festival. A fuller, poetry-read audio version is coming soon, too - watch this spooky space!

Avant-Macabre... Silent Horror Film-Short.

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