Sunday, 6 March 2016

Avant-Macabre (2016) (Short Silent Film) is entered into a Noir Festival (March 2016)

Avant-Macabre (2016) is a short Silent-Horror film directed by John H Shelton. It runs for 5 minutes and has been entered into: Just Before Midnight Noir Film Festival. Special thanks: Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc for the idea and inspiration of the festival. A fuller, poetry-read audio version is coming soon, too - watch this spooky space!

Avant-Macabre... Silent Horror Film-Short.


UPDATE: The Isolated Heart (2018), Horror Anthology & Family Matters! (August 2018)

Film-making: THE ISOLATED HEART (2018) - Directed bu John H Shelton. July & August , 2018 have been busy... Dylan Knight , Alex ...