Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Interview: Pietro Cinieri (The Crow: Shreds of Memories) (April 2016)

Introducing Pietro Cinieri. He is a musician and a film-maker from Italy. He has made an epic mini-film called The Crow: Shreds of Memories (2015) - see above. Expect strong language and action violence.

How long did your epic Indie Film take to Shoot?
The production lasted about one year because of many technical issues considering that we’re talking about a zero-budget production. While post production was made in 5 months.

What inspires you about the Classic film, The Crow (1994)?
Mainly I was inspired by the gothic and dark atmospheres that you can feel watching the film. Furthermore, Brandon Lee’s interpretation left an indelible sign in my mind.

Do you you think you did Brandon Lee justice through this film?
His interpretation is timeless. Nobody will ever match it. My character can’t be compared to the original Crow. But I hope that I’ve payed him a humble and respectful homage.

What are your future film plans?
My first web series “METROPOLITAN LEGENDS” will be coming out this summer, just based on metropolitan legends. I’m working on my first feature film with unreleased subject, too.

Tell me about yourself as a musician, too?
I began my journey as a musician by studying piano at 14. After about 3 years I fell in love with the drums and, since that day, I didn’t stop to play drums. This big passion gave me the opportunity to travel around Italy, playing with other musicians.

Thank you, John Shelton, for this nice interview. See you soon!

 Musician/Director: Pietro Cinieri (The Crow: Shreds of Memories)

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