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Interview: Atlanta Johnson (Actress) (May 2016)

Atlanta Johnson - Actress & Model from London.
Atlanta Johnson is an actress and model from London. Her roles include Carnivore - The Movie - which is in Production. She is a huge Wonder Woman fan and idolizes the super heroine character and is an advocate for Women in Film. I first met AJ at a Women in Horror Event in London.

Hi, Atlanta, please tell me a bit about yourself as an actress and model?
Hello! Yes, of course. I started mainly exploring theatre and physical theatre along with dance which I had been doing since I was about 5. Honestly, I thought that I would be a theatre kind of actress and then maybe further down the line would be able to fulfil being involved in film. As long as I am acting, I am happy. As I came to the end of studies, I decided to find auditions and was cast in theatre roles and from there I was getting positive feedback and pro-actively networked with those who were filmmakers. It was crazy. I literally went from there and haven't stopped working hard since! I am very committed and dedicated to the industry. I am loving it! Of course, I would still like to do some theatre again sometime, too. 

I love to explore all different roles, the thing that most attracts of course depends of the themes in the whole script in general, but I like roles that allow me to use a range of dynamics to my performance, I can see a journey, a change within the character. I like things that challenge me. I go from light as I've been involved with comedy for example to the dark and twisted. I want to continue exploring new things. Challenges make me happy. I'm looking into ways to learn new things all the time, it's all part of the journey into becoming a better actress and insightful person in general. Acting is not just something that is fun and entertaining, it's a real business. Entertainment speaks very loudly to the world. People turn to entertainment all the time whether it is for a laugh or as a comfort or simply to entertain, to watch with friends or to support and speak with them when alone. We have a power that speaks. No matter what genre we go for, we have a social responsibility to the world. We can tell stories whether fiction or not can be a voice to those who have none. I am aware of the industry I am in, this big global machine of creativity. Although what I do is said to be fun, (which it is, I love it) it is something I take seriously because I know what it means and it is my job. I believe in bettering myself as an actress and generally as a person because my image is the one out there telling these stories, I am there to support the intention of the script whether I want my audience to laugh, cry, think or in some cases be sh*t scared! 

I didn't think I would ever be a model, but now it is something I get hired to do! I have such a great time on shoots and bring my acting to it. I have a technique that gives me the ideas to make images with a form of atmosphere and impact... I tell stories to myself in my head, adapted from the inspiration of my surroundings at the time, what I am wearing or things I am going through, or sometimes just simply ideas I would like to explore as a character for acting roles. I love being thrown into challenges, if there is a specific breakdown that the photographer would like etc, I take full advantage of letting myself become either another part of myself or explore a mood that is completely new which can be used again towards my acting and just full on FUN!  I feel like I have lots to explore with imagery. I want to do some fantasy, cosplay, something that basically is art, a full on creation, a transformation. Maybe gothic, or some form of warrior or a person in a post-apocalyptic atmosphere, just let me transform – interesting costume/make-up etc, even if it is just interesting fashion!... I love letting ideas run wild and then go with it, and then I can show these and get roles for my acting that are similar to the mood!

Overall, I am a business woman. This is who I am. I never thought 'what do I want to do?' Acting is just it, it's my natural aim in life. The to-do list should not end. Life is forever changing which means your opportunities are always evolving. You learn about yourself and experience things that can be brought to your craft. Acting and media is all about connecting or knowing how to disconnect from being on this planet. The to-do list should never end. It's a very hard business. It's a balance. It's emotional. But nobody heard of the person who gave up.  

Tell me a bit about Carnivore - The Movie?
CARNIVORE is a flesh chomping rip roaring horror/thriller that will definitely set pulses racing... CARNIVORE takes Red Riding Hood and Twilight into a dark and grown up!  It is directed by Simon Wells with myself and Ben Loyd- Holmes as leads along with a FABULOUS crew. This was my debut lead role in a feature film and I am loving that I had my first opportunity with this in the horror genre as it is such a great community from horror fans to filmmakers themselves! 

My character is named Abigail and she is an American business woman, this excited me as of course I am from London, so was good to have the transformation. I love being challenged with my craft so was all over this opportunity! I am drawn to dark, twisted tales and the script offered me so much versatility through the journey of my character, she has romance, drama, fear, she has vulnerable times, yet she's strong, she has moments of being the action character... a true fun role for any actress to play! 

Simon Wells, our director has been working so hard on this project. I loved working with him whilst in production. He has a great attitude and approachable manner about him. 
Over all there were so many laughs on set with cast and crew, we were doing night shoots and really worked hard in the middle - of- the – night - ice – winter - cold! But there was always a warmth not just from the hot water bottles and hugging Ben's dog, Logan between takes but the endless joy and supportive company we had. Every challenge had a solution. It was a real equal collaboration. Everyone put so much effort into the makings of this promising product!

A soundtrack video has just been released with sneak peak clips from the film, the video launched in Cannes Festival. It is called Heart into Trouble by Dan Olsen which can be seen, HERE.

The plans are to take the film to festivals and FRIGHTFEST before a retail release at the end of the year. I'm really looking forward to it!

The trailer will be released very soon and can be seen on

You seem influenced by Comic-Book Characters (Wonder Woman) - any hopes for a Super Heroine role in future for yourself?
WONDER WOMAN!! Haha, oh yes! I used to watch Wonder Woman from when I was younger, so I've always had a thing for her – not only is she a complete badass of wise, smart, beautifulness who stands for good; the woman can talk to animals and has a lasso of truth! What is not to love?! 

Of course as an actress I connect the idea of the dark haired image with myself, half like an alter-ego, you can see perfected super hero cartoon versions of yourself - they become character inspirations with the reality that the image matches my character type as an actor – but it just turns out I genuinely love these characters anyway – Wonder Woman, Zatanna, Jessica Jones, Catwoman, X-23, Lara Croft to name a few ladies who make it on the badass list! 

Mainly, I connect the idea of superheroes with real life. I promote the idea of being your own superhero or as I put it; "Be your own WONDER WOMAN". I have this thing about being responsible for your own happiness and taking the action needed to achieve your own goals in life. Nothing happens unless you MAKE IT HAPPEN. At the end of the day you are the one living in your own skin, what you do and become is up to you. Superheroes do not give up the fight for what they are aiming to do. Neither will I. The only person really who could ever save you is yourself. BE BADASS AT LIFE.

Hell yes, would I like to do some form of action/fantasy/superhero/comic book inspired movie? BRING.IT.ON!! 

I *may* have some future cosplay plans, nothing holds me back.

What makes you happy about what you are doing in the film industry?
To be honest, I feel I am at very early stages, I'm not sure what I myself am particularly doing for the industry at this point, other than working very hard and aiming to be as professional as possible. I just know that I am a voice of reality, I speak about things in the industry that maybe some people prefer not to open up about for understandable reasons. I get a lot of messages from those in the industry who are glad to find out what they experience is actually something very common and a lot are experiencing it, they are happy there is someone to speak up. There are of course a way of addressing any problems or feelings about things and know that addressing it is an act of positivity for support or change and not a negative outburst with no aim of resolution. I think if someone can speak up about it, people would feel less alone about things, we can support whatever it is and be able to know how to deal with it. We all need support from each other. It's all teamwork, relationships and communication.  

What are your future plans for film or in life?
Being a badass WONDER WOMAN of course...haha! Future plans are always moving forward, bettering myself. Being, healthy, happy, free, supportive and adventurous, keep doing what I'm doing whilst taking in the world around me, adapting it to my craft and some poetry. I wanna learn new skills, meet new people, get new ideas. I want to get involved with something that helps society and animals. I love helping and supporting. 

I'm really looking forward to short film VOICES IN THE DARKNESS.  The film is a drama in an asylum based on mental health set in the 1940s. I will be playing the role of the very troubled MISS MAY who is a psycho patient in the asylum. It is a very juicy, dynamic role. I feel very honoured to be a part of a project that is technically complex and based on such real themes and subjects. But I am proud to be a part of something which raises awareness on mental health and acts as a voice. I'm going to do lots of research to get in the world of the performance and for further understanding. 
I am also leading a sci-fi feature CONTACT 4:12 playing ALICE. Super excited to be a part of this genre! The RAF have got involved in the project which is wonderful! 

Other projects currently in production are House of the Mothman (horror), Solitaire (dark comedy, drama/thriller), SEEN (horror). 

This is a wonderful year for versatility, I have a lot of work to do! The to-do list never ends!

TWITTER: @Atlanta_actress

Carnivore - The Movie (Now in Production) starring AJ.


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