Monday, 23 May 2016

Interview: Kaz B (Actress, Model & Horror Fan) (May 2016)

Kaz B - Actress/Model & Horror Fan!
Kaz B talks with me about all things horror and acting! She has always been a horror fan and has delved into the acting world in films like Zombie Driftwood (2010) and Blood Curse (Coming Soon).

What age did you start watching Horror?
I think I was probably about 7 or 8 and the first horror movie I remember was poltergeist. My Dad was really cool and would let me watch scary films with him. Okay, so to this day I still sleep with the light on if I am on my own but I think it has given me a more creative imagination as well as making me more emotive.

Tell me about some of your acting roles?
I love horror or anything dark and menacing especially! I loved working on Zombie Driftwood as it was more of a comedy with a light hearted feel - but with plenty of Zombies! I've also enjoyed shooting horror with Directors Jason Impey and Kasper Lewis. In the past I've played a nymphomaniac Zombie, Lady Montague (Romeo and Juliette) someone with mental health issues, a screwed up lap dancer and a crazy bitch! I love the mad roles, it's a great way to express yourself and let all your emotions flow out from that big well of stored up experiences. I love a challenge and letting my mind take me away to the dark side.

Any favorite film-makers to work with?
I've enjoyed working with all of the directors to be honest.  I love Brit film and think there is a big pool of talent here. It would be an absolute dream to be cast by someone like Ricky Gervais or Guy Ritchie. I love British comedy, horror and British gangster films. In the meantime I'm enjoying all the roles that come my way, big or small and every role is a new experience.

Do you plan to write or direct, yourself?
I've written a pilot for a comedy sitcom about my experiences as a holiday rep and all the crazy stuff that happens. I've also written first draft of a film...hard to pin down the genre, it's a drama with aspects of a thriller but also dark comedy. I hope to direct the film one day!

What do you do in your in your free time?
I don't get much free time as I'm involved with a company called Men's Stuff Approved, but I love writing for them and presenting so it doesn't feel like work a lot of the time. I am an avid reader and enjoy sci-fi, comedy and autobiographies.  I love travel, exploring, film, cooking, walks, the beach and spending time with family and friends.

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