Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Review: Label - Short Film (by Jaschar L Marktanner) (May 2016)

This is a gritty, moody little short film from Germany by Jaschar L Marktanner. Label (2014) aka Aufdruck is just that. Plot: "Two young women in their twenties sit in a café and sip coffee out of way too small cups while smoking an unhealthy amount of cigarettes and talking about everything under the sun and beyond, like aliens.".

I can relate to this short effort as I like to sit around in a cosy little cafe with friends and just forget about the world outside! Talking is an important communication with friends and I can see that the two young women in Label have got the world to share with one another. It's shot in glorious Black & White with a somber piano soundtrack.

A stylish, cheeky attempt at socialism as we are the flies on the wall watching the two women talk about life. It's just really well done. Nice little twist at the end, too.

Warning: Contains swearing and excessive smoking! It even comes with a Health Warning! Good stuff if you want to watch something different.

Label (2014) aka Aufdruk.

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