Saturday, 25 June 2016

Remembering Micheal Jackson (1958 - 2009) (June 2016)

RIP: MJ... The King of Pop.
On June, 25th 2009 the Legendary singer that was Micheal Jackson passed away. Today is that anniversary of his death. Jackson was a troubled figure who had the talent to sell millions of records in his life time. He is still respected today and still as controversial. His fans still love and respect his efforts to the Music Industry with albums like Off The Wall and Bad. I grew up listening to Jackson and watching the motion picture, Moonwalker (1988). I believe that MJ's message to the world was peace and love and understanding... something we could all do with right now, sometimes!

I'm not here to debate the stars' life style or problems when he was alive, but just a remembrance in it self. We only get one life, so use it wisely. If you have talent, show it! If you can love and be loved... Love! Peace.

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